Why are there so many religious people in the R&S section?

I often see people ask, Why are there so many atheists in the R&amp:S section?’, but I’ve never seen the question the other way around.

I guess the reason the atheists are here is to expose themselves to different viewpoints.

What about the religious ones?

Are there? I left long ago because it’s filled with trolls and atheists not so many religious people who want to have a theological debate or ask questions on the subjects of God, Spirituality etc.

That’s what it’s meant for to share opinions and ask and answer questions that pertain to spirituality and to religion. Not for trolls or atheists to say religious people are ignorant, stupid and superstitious. That’s just attacking people for what they believe in.

The term atheist is kind of silly having a term to describe your disbelief in something. Why is there no term for my disbelief in aliens, unicorns, Santa or time travel? I would say ghosts but they are called skeptics why doesn’t that service?

Also agnostic is a better viewpoint as how can you say that you know God isn’t real? You at best can say you don’t know you just don’t have faith in it being true while a religious person does have faith in it being true. Either way it’s one person having faith and another not having faith no one knows for sure. So agnostic is more accurate.

You do know that R&amp:S is actually the Raving &amp: Stupidity section, not Religion &amp: Spirituality?
So that explains why everybody’s here (including the atheists).

Cos it gets vicious in Cats!


Yeah, they seem to be curious about living life without mythology what with all the questions they ask atheists.

It’s fine if you are hear to expose yourself to other view points. Many seem to just mock religion.

I am here to question Atheism and answer atheists questions and some coming from Christians too.
I want to troll at certain times, depending on my moods.

Uh, you mean to expose others to your viewpoints, don’t you?

LOL!! You actually are implying that atheists are &quot:open-minded&quot:. Can you please point to ANY question or response from an atheist that is an example of &quot:open-mindedness&quot:. Personally I have yet to see one.

I think they’re secretly masochists.

Because this IS the section for religious people and religion.
Since atheist have NO religion, people are wondering why are they here in the first place, since how can they possibly answer religious questions when they have no religion.

But they DON’T realize it that atheists have perhaps been religious before so they can actually answer questions about religion.

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