Why are Democrats proposing ineffective solutions to the gas price crisis?

The article I’m linking to is primarily about how the Republicans are going to raise the gas price issue when Congress resumes, but what I noticed in the article were the references to what the Democratic Party’s solutions are:

Democrats will counter with “use it or lose it” legislation that aims to force companies to produce on, or have a valid reason for not producing on, their existing leases or risk losing other drilling opportunities

So, Democrats are going to take away opportunities for oil companies to drill for oil if they don’t use their existing leases to the liking of the Democratic Party! What a great way to increase oil production! The Democrats go on to propose even more ridiculous solutions to the crisis (this from an April 20th memo by Nancy Pelosi):

“Feature Democratic price gouging legislation and other bills that Republicans have blocked, and the Republican budget that provides billions in subsidies for Big Oil while cutting investments in clean energy,”

Just pass a law telling oil companies how much to sell gas for. That’ll bring down gas prices. Of course, it will also create a gas shortage, as anybody with a basic knowledge of economics knows. If people are going to be serving in Congress and writing laws that effect the economy, isn’t it reasonable to ask them to learn basic economics instead of engaging in demagogic pandering to the economically ignorant? I’m not in favor of subsidies to oil companies, but investments in clean (read: Green) energy have nothing to do with bringing down the price of gas. Gas is made out from oil drilling, not wind farms or solar panels.

How do you bring down gas prices? The answer lies in something called the law of supply and demand. Either people need to demand less gas (this isn’t going to happen, at least not enough to bring down prices by much) or the supply of gas needs to be increased. A related issue, of course, is the monetary policy issue and certainly lawmakers need to do something to rein in the Federal Reserve and stop its reckless expansion of the money supply (personally, I’d prefer that we end the Federal Reserve altogether, but at the very least Congress should pass a law requiring the Fed to ask permission from Congress before it can print more money). To increase the supply of gas, the obvious solution is to remove barriers to oil drilling in our own country. Even with an occasional BP-sized oil spill, the American oil drilling industry would still be far more environmentally-friendly than foreign countries (because these countries often don’t care at all about protecting the environment). The long-term solution is to build new oil refineries, something we haven’t done since the 1970s! Since the supply of oil will run out someday, we need to find a way to produce synthetic oil. Fortunately, there is now scientific evidence that oil can be produced from methane gas (which can be produced from human and animal waste products), so we could potentially have an unlimited supply of oil if we had the technology to turn methane into oil.

The goal should be to make America into an oil-exporting country rather than an oil-importing country once again. That would bring down gas prices and would be beneficial to our nation’s economy. We have the oil reserves in our own country, so we might as well use them instead of purchasing oil from a cartel of dictatorships. I didn’t base any of this off of the Republican Party’s plan, so any similarities are merely coincidental.

You need a fact check.We are punching holes all over the country since Obama took over.The sad part is that there is evidence that the fracturing is upsetting the sub-surface and could harm the water table.The other fact is we can’t drill enough to make our country independent from imports.Be it alaska or the western state.Our demand is to great.Green is the answer,but the present technology will take to much from our food supply.Corn is a good example.Since we started using it for gasoline, food prices have skyrocketed.Obama is trying to get it right the first time by overhauling the drilling procedure.We don’t need another BP screw-up.Fact check.We get 10% of our oil from so-called dictator countries.

More than half of the leases to drill for oil and gas on public lands and waters are not actively being tapped for energy, according to a new report by the Interior Department.

The study, ordered by President Barack Obama on March 11, could give the administration a political buffer against charges that it is not doing enough to promote domestic energy development amid an oil price spike stoked by unrest in the Middle East.


oil production in the US has sharply increased under obama.


simple solution,since oil is critical to this country,in the name of keeping our country from falling deeper in debt. use army corps of engineers,drill oil on federal land,built refineries on old military bases,sell the gas for a fair price so oil companies can still make money,use profits to pay down the debt,and lower gas prices mean more money in our pockets which means we can spend more and our economy will grow. the government get 2 times the revenue they do now,we have cheaper gas,we will have money to invest in alternative research everyone wins,except for opec

Refineries refine oil, they don’t produce it,,,in order to be an oil-importing country we need enough oil to meet world wide demands, we don’t,,
Investment into research for synthetic oil is an option, will congress fund it?, probably not.

Another option, 50% of the oil drilled is used to make plastics, not fuel. There are ways to make plastic from sources other than oil, utilize other options to make plastic, increases the available oil supply to make fuel, doubles the amount of fuel available, prices go down.

By the time I read all that my answer will be on page 3. The only solution I have heard from them is not a solution at all-it is merely the cop out that whatever we do is too late and will take too long so we may as well do nothing. Such leadership, huh? Of course we need to think 100 years into the future when that drilling concerns global warming. :/

Since you’re talking about supply and demand how about this? How do you explain that there is already an over-supply of oil on the world market? How do you explain that oil futures prices are more than $32 per barrel below where they were in the Summer of 2008. How do you explain that oil and gas refiners are projecting record profits this year – even beyond the record profits they made in the Summer of 2008.

According to the Mar. 10, 2011 Congressional Report the US has the largest fossil fuel reserves on Earth. Let me give you a hint as to who is causing the problems. They are the ones always screaming about global warming, are always pushing for green energy, and are laughing all of the way to the bank.

Its all ineffective, when your massively printing money to enrich the government causing the inflation (gas price rises) which is a MAJOR tax on the poor.

Its just the Democrats way of robbing the poor, through the guise of &quot:helping&quot: them. Gotta trick people into thinking a wasteful government helps them.

The Democrats are smart enough to grasp that oil is a finite commodity, so the solution to our energy problems isn’t &quot:to drill more oil&quot:, it is to find a viable alternative as soon as possible….

Apart from which, since oil IS finite (and will start to run out sooner or later), what EARTHLY sense would it make to use up our OWN supplies before we use up everyone else’s? You do understand that as it becomes rarer, the price will go up, right?

Oil is an International commodity. It would not matter HOW much we exported, that would not &quot:bring the price down&quot:……you should go to the library and read a book about how that works!

I don’t know if Obama plans are ineffective, but I highly doubt he can do an any better job about the prices than Bush. Reality is really going to sink in here now for people.

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