Which director uses rock music in their movies best?

I’m torn between:

Martin Scorsese (Bringing Out the Dead, Casino, The Departed, Goodfellas. Plus, music documentaries/concert films such as The Last Waltz, No Direction Home, and Shine a Light)


Cameron Crowe (Say Anything…, Singles, Jerry Maguire, ALMOST FAMOUS, Vanilla Sky, Elizabethtown)

My first thought was &quot:Guy Ritchie,&quot: but Cameron Crowe is great, too.

And Alfonso Cuaron, just for &quot:Children of Men,&quot: which is one of my favorite soundtracks from any film.

I was actually gonna mention Martin Scorsese. For some reason I always remember the music he uses much more so than with most other directors. In particular I liked the music he used in Raging Bull.

Quentin Tarantino also uses some great music in his movies. The music always seems to suit the movies very well, especially in Kill Bill.

Edit: Actually Danny Boyle deserves a mention too as my fave use of music in a movie would have to be Lust For Life in Trainspotting.

Sadly, I’ve never seen the move, but I hope I’m understanding the true question. Of a perfect song fit in a movie. In the Beatles classic film A Hard Day’s Night, the opening scene of the film, playing A Hard Days Night over the sound, always was perfect. Making that scene a pop culture mimic. BQ: I sure it was perfect and set for the film. BQ2: je ne sais pas, je regrette.

CAMERON CROWE!!!! the guy is a freaking genius both with his writing and with the tunes in his movies. but he IS married to one of the greatest guitarists ever from one of the best rock bands ever.

He has a way of adding songs in scenes that make it so you never forget it. Jerry Macguire is the first movie ive seen of his. &quot:FREEE FALLLINNN!&quot: that scene defines the movie for me, who needs that &quot:you complete me&quot: or &quot:you had me from hello&quot: stuff when you have great music?

and then Almost Famous is just good music from start to finish, hell id pay big bucks to see Still Water play live even though they dont exist lol….but then again with the perfect matched song/scene combo. That Tiny Dancer scene is one of the most epic scenes in movie history!


Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Grindhouse)


Guy Ritchie (Snatch, RockinRolla, Revolver)

Ritchie is like a British rock fanatic, so a lot of that comes out in his movies.

I was going to go with Cameron Crowe, but since you mentioned him I’ll say Richard Linklater.

Overall I’d say Nora Ephron but she doesn’t really use rock music.

I don’t know that I can name lists of random movie directors off the top of my head, and what movies they directed, so I’ll just say Steven Spielberg.

Francis Ford Copella

he did do Apocalypse Now, right? that movie made killer usage of the Doors classic, the End

tarantino definitely

also, wes anderson and whoever directs all the adam sandler movies 🙂

my original first thoughts were tarantino, scorsese, and guy ritchie

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