When do you think John Cena will retire from wrestling?

and why

Unfortunately i could see it happening within the next ten years simply because since he’s so big he may get injured from being over-worked similar to Stone Cold.

By Big i mean popular.

this is a good q im guessing he will retire in hes 40`s probably 45 but i dont think that will mark the end of john cena i think he will come back as a manager or something like that probably play by play commentator or even like riv flair he culd become gm and from time to time get in the ring i think that will be cool

Maybe in next 2-3 years.
He is making a lot of money for WWE &amp: himself.
He may end up like Ultimate warrior, WWE will never let him be the next Hulk Hogan.

He makes money and boost ratings for wwe. He’ll be used till he’s into his 60s and retire because Vince Mcmahon grew tired of him

Not for a few years, 10 or more atleast. He is still young and got talent, and as long as no one permanently injures him he will stay as long as he can, he loves the business, he’s a role model to a lot of people.

Probably won’t retire for a while and then when he does he’ll probably make appearences.

10-15 years hopefully more

first need to win a westlemania then retire

bcz he’ll be like the rock and retire early

Soon, I hope. Because he sucks, and he cheapened the WWE Title.

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