What Is Your Opinion Of The Golden Globes?

Do you think all the awards shows should be cancelled due to the strike? Opinions?

It sucks because i wanted to see who would take the award home but i guess we will find out the winner on sunday anyways so i guess it’s not bad. I ownder if the Oscars are cancelled??…

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I, for one, am so GLAD.
Who truly gives a sh*t how the lives of people who we don’t even know [and half those people are a colossal waste of oxygen]

I’ll need more than just a brief flash if you want my honest opinion.

Not really that interested but i will miss watching what the women are wearing.

I couldn’t care less

Here’s mine. I never watched any of them ever anyway. What a waste.

who’s golden globes are we talking about? ☺☺☺

what i saw of it it looked flat and boring and did no stars show up at all?

Sorry, I couldn’t care less.

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