what does it take to become a police officer?

how would i even start to become a police officer? is there a certain age requirement to become one, since i am only 20. do you have to graduate high school? is there a height requirement? is there a school you must go to for it? please give any information you know i am in NH.

You should visit the websites of police departments that you are interested in working for. If they do not have a website or the site does not provide enough information to answer your questions, simply call the department and ask to speak with someone that can answer your questions.

In some places / departments, you can be hired at age 18. Many departments require you to be 21. Some police departments only require their officers to have a high school diploma or GED. Some police departments require their officers to have 30 college credits or a two yearq degree. Some police departments require their officers to have 60 college credits or a four year degree. The more education you have, the better. Many police departments require that your height and weight are proportionate or they have weight and body fat requirements. For example, to be an FBI Police Officer, if you fall within a range in the chart below, you are eligible. If you fall outside of the ranges, you must meet the FBI’s body fat requirements. For males the maximum acceptable body fat is 19% and for females the maximum acceptable body fat is 23%.
Height Weight
5’4&quot: 117-163
5’5&quot: 120-167
5’6&quot: 124-173
5’7&quot: 128-178
5’8&quot: 132-183
5’9&quot: 136-187
5’10&quot: 140-193
5’11&quot: 144-198
6’0&quot: 148-204
6’1&quot: 152-209
6’2&quot: 156-215
6’3&quot: 160-220
6’4&quot: 169-231
6’5&quot: 174-238
Some departments have no height requirements. Most have physical abililty tests that candidates must pass.

Below are the requirements to be hired by the Nashua Police Deparmtent in New Hampshire.

Residency: Continental United States
Age: Must be at least 21 years old to apply
Height: Proportionate to Weight
Weight: Proportionate to Height
Education: High School Graduate or Equivalent
Health &amp: Hearing: Excellent
Eyes: Visual acuity distant – correctable to 20/30, Visual acuity near-correctable to 20/40: (Normal Color and Depth Perception necessary)

Written Exam and Physical Agility Tests
Oral Interviews
Background Investigation
Polygraph Examination
Psychological Evaluation
Medical Examination

All Candidates Must be United States Citizens

If you are hired, the department will send you to the academy.

Check out http://www.peaceofficerjobs.com for excellent information and advice about becoming a police officer.

Go too www.statetroopersdirectory.com/ and also see www.kletc.org/ they all have links to the 50 States Law Enforcement links/info. I have all these on my site at HerbertWest3rd.com

I don’t know about USA, but in Australia you need a university degree to become a police officer.

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