What are your veiw on young people having babies if this is their story?(READ STORY)?

Been with my boyfriend 3 years. Ready to make babies and it wont be
easy because it’s not easy for anyone but we are in love and nothing can stop
love. Dont think I look at a baby as just an attachment to my lover. I don’t. I
look at it as being loving, mature, responsible, and prepared for anything that could
come our way. My boyfriend has his own business and helps operate his dad’s
business and I also help his dad. We make bank and we pretty much live together.
Getting a car soon as I’ve just turned the age to get a permit in 2009. Won’t be
long before we move out of his dad’s place. Can’t wait for a positive pregnancy
test and a wonderful 9 month pregnancy with my boyfriend. Note that I understand
my body isn’t fully developed to have a baby yet as no one under a certain age
is developed enough and I plan on waiting about a year until I’m 16. I talked to
my doctor about it and she approves of pregnancy at 16 for mature young adults
as that is what I consider myself.

15 years old as of 9/22/94

these are some questions i answered from last posting:)
Are you out of high school?
I’ll be out when I’m a little over 16. Would have graduated by the time our baby is born.
Why are you in such a hurry?
I have loved kids all my life and so has my boyfriend.
If you really love each other then why can’t you wait until you are a little older to have kids?
I’m waiting another year until I graduate, I’m doing classes online. Im very smart. Graduating at 16 isn’t bad right? Also Im homeschooled.
Where are your parents in all of this?
My parents are supportive of me. Im emancipated and so is my boyfriend.
How old is he?
Do you want to go to college?
doing online classes.
Do you want you children to have kids when they are 16? As long as they are mature and in love,
Do you want to be a grandma at 32?
I wouldnt mind it. More time spent with grandchildren.
Are you going to need assistance from the Government?
I will not need assistance. Like I said me and my boyfriend have thousands saved and still making much mor
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You know alot of young couples Split up after having a baby because of the stress?
I know it happens but I haven’t seen any problems to my concern in the past three years. Im a smart girl. I wouldnt risk a single mom/ child support paying dad relationship with my kid.
Did you know That not all pregnancies are wonderful? I know the negative of some pregnancies and Im willing to cope with that. My boyfriend will be by my side all the way. Im not a girlfriend begging her boyfriend to have a baby. My boyfriend really wants this for our family.
Are you ready to give up your friends because you can’t go out anymore?
Was never really interested in friends. Im quiet and laid back. I do most of my talking online with people I used to go to school with. Never really go out unless with my boyfriend…

I took care of a 4 month old for a week and a half and absolutely loved it… along with the 4 month old i had a 2 year old and a 5 year old…….Also My aunt has 4 kids that are now 9 7 6 and 4 and I used to babysit when they were 2 4 5 and 7 for days at a time. Im homeschooled so I cant pretty much go where ever i want and do what i want because I get work done and relax for a few weeks, I am planning on getting married before i have a baby by the way. Picked out an engagement ring with my baby the other day…dont know when im getting a proposal but you could pretty much say im engaged.

well….I got married when I was 17. I graduated when I was 15–I was homeschooled. I’m 18 now and pregnant for the 2nd time–miscarried our 1st at 11 weeks…would have been a honeymoon baby. 🙁

I don’t see what is wrong with young people having babies. this is when we are most healthy and will be the best parent, as we’re physically more able to take care and play with them today than in 20 years when we’re all 35.

I don’t mind being a gramma at 34 years old…my mom will be a gramma at 37. I HOPE my kids marry and have kids while i’m still young. I want to be the cool hip mommy.

I did college online, I gradutated from college 3 months after my wedding. I’m a natural health practicioner, master herbalist and have degrees in 3 other things… college online is great.

not all pregnancies are great…. mine had a rough start. but should that mean you wait 20 years? no…you might have a rough pregnancy then also.

i’m married, pregnant and don’t even have 1000 in our bank-you’re ahead of us in that.

you seem smart and are planning ahead.

the only 2 things I worry about is:

a) do you know HOW STINKIN HARD IT IS to get married before 18? (ugh…….believe me, I went through it…nearly IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!) possible, yes…but very hard. definately look into that before counting your chicks.

b) you aren’t married yet. sorry, but i’m a stiff prude. lol, my husband and I didn’t even KISS until we were pronounced man and wife. my opinion is: get married first, then get knocked up 🙂 like you said, you’re planning on getting married anyways…so why not plan the wedding first? plannign weddings are hard! lol. I couldn’t imagine trying to plan a wedding while trying to take care of a 2year old. 8-/

hope this helped 🙂

Hi. I was 15 with my first and 18 with my 2nd. I am now 23 and trying to get prego with number 3. I am married, own a house, and have my job as a social worker. You are the only person that can decide if you are too young to have a baby. However, as I said… I am doing fine and now have a beautiful and healthy 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter. Pregnancy at a young age is very scary, and there are a lot of factors to think about. But you will make the right decision for you 🙂 Some women are incredibly mature and great moms when they are young. Others are not. However, there are good and bad young and older moms out there, so just remember – you’ll know what is best for you and the little one. Also, you can look into a government based assistance to finish schooling and get on your feet if need be, and parents are a great source of emotional support… well mine were anyways. Good luck 🙂 Just a note here… My children both unfortunately have different dads (I was with my sons dad 2 years and daughters dad 4) My hubby is not my little ones dad, but look at the stats… there are just as many if not more single parent families or step parents involved. Unfortunately it’s life…

I will agree that you seem to be a very intelligent young lady and you have definitely considered almost every fathomable possibility in teen pregnancy. However, having the knowledge and knowing the answers cannot always make up for life experience. It is definitely impressive that you have taken so much time to research and consider several aspects of what becoming a mother so young means. There is a definitely a risk in what you are planning, several risks, and life rarely follows a &quot:text book&quot:, straight forward outcome. Several factors can change in your planning/life and several things unplanned, unexpected can come without warning. The advantage of waiting until you and your boyfriend are a bit older would simply be more years of preparation, planning and safeguarding and a stronger bond/relationship between the two of you as well. Having a definite stable home, stable income, generous savings and strong relationship will insure that you and your boyfriend and children will have a great life. Whatever you decide to do I truly wish you the very best!

Being a teen mom and knowing all of the challenges, I do not think it’s a good idea. However, by reading your question I think you’re going to do what you want. If you think you can do it, then prove it. I’d recommend getting into college first, and figuring out how you’re going to support her in the future. It is great that you have money saved up, but you will have a million expenses. If you don’t have health insurance then your 8 grand will be gone before you leave the hospital with your child. And if your child isn’t healthy or is still born do you really think you can handle that, or afford to care for a mentally handicapped child, emotionally and financially? You’re young, you may think you know what you want but you have to understand how much things in life change. Who you are today may change in the blink of an eye by an unforeseen event.

Honestly, no one can stop you from having a baby. I don’t doubt that you are smart, but that doesn’t mean your wise. If you truly want a child, then you gotta get all your ducks in a row before procreating. By that I mean: Graduate HS, save and pay for a car, get married, furnish your new home with the hubby. Then at least you have a pretty good foundation. Now the next step would be to enroll in college. Like you said, you’re a smart girl.
Sometimes things don’t work out like we though and it’s good to be prepared and have a back up plan. Best of luck with everything.

I don’t believe that 16 year olds should have babies. I don’t care how mature you think you are. At 16 you still need your parents to sign all of your paperwork for you &amp: what not. You are not even considered legal yet! I would wait until you are at least 18 when you are actually considered an &quot:adult&quot:. If you still want kids then, go for it.

Having a baby at the age of 16 is not smart.
You are not yet grown-up, and if you bring a baby into your teen relationship you won’t see your boyfriend for dust.
If you do this you WILL regret it. I guarantee it.

Well, when i started reading this it seemed like you were me last summer. like seriously. everything you said. Last summer my boyfriend and i had a crazy thought. we wanted to have a baby. i thought about it for so long. we had been together for about 3 years and i knew we loved each other and that he was the one. i just knew it in my heart. so i did some research on conceiving and we got right on it. the first time we got one line on the pregnancy test. so we tried again and bam!! 2 lines.

the only thing that was different for me was that he didn’t have a job. we both still lived with our parents, which are not rich, and for a while, i thought my parents wouldn’t support me. now before you say well why would you want to have a baby if you wont be able to support it?! we’d been together for 3 years, been through so much, fell in love. my parents didn’t really approve of him but his parents love me. i was rarely allowed to go out with him. so we snuck around a lot. (hehe) so we both agreed that this would be the only way that we would be able to get married sooner. and we didn’t just have a baby to get married sooner, we did it because we both wanted to and we both agreed on it, we talked about it for months and months and finally it happened.

after we got through telling our parents and everyone kind of got over it, we had a family meeting and we talked about what we were going to do and that we wanted to get married before the baby and move in together.

so we got married on Jan 9, 2010 when i was 6 months pregnant and it was just amazing 🙂 we came home to our apartment and it was what i always wanted. to be able to go to sleep and wake up together.

by the time we got married he had a job and he was laid off for a month in the winter until a couple of weeks after we got married. thanks to both of our family and friends we had $1400 from the wedding. so that helped start us out pretty good. since we’ve been married, he’s been working minimum wage in a shitty place and he hasn’t been too happy lately. he hasn’t had a day of since the baby was born (4/14/10) but we’re getting by. his grandfather is helping us with our rent, and the only other bills we pay are elec. and our internet. i don’t work anymore and it will be a while until i do. (unless things get really bad)

after all the crap we went through, we have our family’s support and we’re pretty happy with each other and our new baby…but i’m 19 and he’ll be 21 in june…how old are you hun?? 15. because you said you’d want a baby when you’re 16???

i mean it’s good that you have money and support and everything but i’m 19 and let me tell you, it’s not easy. and i’m sure you realize that, and i’m glad you’ve got money and a great boyfriend and support, but if you’re already going to college, why not finish college? you’re going to finish early right? So why not just wait a few more years until you are older. you’ve got your whole life ahead of you!! go to school hun!! 🙂 you can always babysit to get that feeling of wanting a baby to go away for a while.

i graduated hs and i was accepted into music school with a $1000 scholarship, but since i couldn’t go to school full time, i couldn’t get my scholarship and so i decided not to go. because by the time i graduated, college didn’t feel right. let alone music school. i didn’t feel comfortable with myself or the little talent i had (have? i still play. just not so much) to get through music school, and i wanted to be with my hunny bunny. so i did wat i knew in my heart was right. so you do what you feel is right. although i do encourage you to finish college 🙂 after all you’re not even 16

oh dear..

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