What are the main reasons for the palestine and israel conflict?

Please dont give me a link…. i want to know the main reason.. best answer gets 10 POINTS! i really need the answer!

The whole middle east was involved in modern nation building. they got their states, the Palestinians got 80% already it’s called Jordan which was originally to be also Israel. There was an 80/20 split on the Palestine Mandate.

&quot:Palestine and Jordan are one…&quot: said King Abdullah in 1948.
&quot:The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan,&quot: said King Hussein of Jordan, in 1981.

They tried to prevent Israel, who is also indigenous to the region, from acquiring their own modern state. They failed and tried to kill Israel off by continually waging wars (’48, ’67, ’73) and failed at that too.

Middle East nation building: A list of the countries that waged war on fledgling Israel (14May1948)
Jordan 25 May 1946, Syria 17 April 1946, Lebanon 22 November 1943, Egypt 18 February 1922, Iraq 3 October 1932, North Yemen 1918

We see continual &quot:land offers for peace&quot: to the Palestinians who continually reject it and opt for war because its evident they are still fighting the Israelis and never really wanted their own state in the first place. They just always wanted Israel’s state.

59% of Palestinians support the armed struggle against Israel even after receiving statehood with East Jerusalem as their capital. PCPO 2003 margin +/- 4%

Millie’s history ^^^ is very accurate but her conclusions rather disturbing.Yes the Jews controlled most of the area about two thousand years ago and had their own state until the Roman’s destroyed their kingdoms and dispersed them. However for two thousand years or so the Palestinians were living on the land that is now Israel. To most people two thousand years of living in a land denotes ownership of that land, indeed many European nations, not to mention certain North American ones, only came into being in much more recent times. So by the rationale of Millie and zionists generally, the Celts should own most of Europe, the Indians should own all of North America, the Greeks should own all of Turkey and the Phoenicians should own most of North Africa – the examples are endless. To say that the Jews are the rightful owners of the Holy Land just because they lived there two thousand years ago is about the most skewed, deluded ideology ever invented.

The invention of that ideology(zionism) in the 19th century is the core reason behind the present conflict in Israel/Palestine, however it was only after the Holocaust that it really began to be taken seriously. Before the Holocaust it was a minority movement even among Jews but after it the idea that the Jews need a homeland became very strong and so many Jews migrated to Palestine and the UN decided to give them over half of the Palestinians’ land. It was a nice sentiment and all for a people who had been treated terribly but the people who were forced to pay for it were the Palestinians, who had absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust. They were forced to give up their land for people who claimed to be descendants of ancient inhabitants who had lived there two thousand years previously. Obviously the Palestinians and neighbouring Arabs were not too happy about this arrangement and they fought many wars with Israel over the decades since it declared independence. Israel, being backed by the West, won almost all these wars and managed to occupy even more land than they were apportioned by the UN and forced the Palestinians into small crowded territories on the West Bank and Gaza. Even now the Israelis set up settlements and build walls in the west Bank to try and claim even more land for Israel and force the Palestinians to leave.

What is known as the Holy Land belonged to the Hebrews (Jews) before they were enslaved in Egypt. It’s the land where the Hebrews (Jews) returned to after the Exodus when they were freed from slavery. It’s the land the Hebrews (Jews) returned to over and over after each time they were attacked and exiled by force. It was Jewish land, under Roman control, by the time of Jesus’ ministry. By then it was divided into two Jewish kingdoms, Judah and Judea. By the years 132-135 AD, in reprisal for the Jewish Revolt led by Simeon Bar Kokhbah, the Romans replaced the name Judea-Judah for Palestine and then forced the Jews out of their land in what is known as the Second Great Diaspora. The Arabs living in the surrounding areas took over the land, those are the Palestinians. By WWII, the Holy Land was under British rule. When the British decided to free the land, the British, together with the United Nations, freed the land and returned it to its rightful owners, the Jews. The Jews, instead of renaming the land as Judea-Judah, renamed it as Israel. The United Nations created &quot:nothing&quot:, they simply returned the land to its owners. &quot:Palestine&quot: never was and has never been an independent nation, Palestinians were not and are not the rightful owners of the land. But even so, they are fighting because they wanted the land to be handed to them, and to make the matter even worse, Palestinians are claiming the Jewish Holy City of Jerusalem as their capital. Palestinians are the invaders, not the Jews. The Holy Land is and has always been Hebrew (Jewish) land since the beginning of times.

The conflict is between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza. Palestine as a country doesn’t exist. The conflict goes back centuries, almost millenniums. Look it up on Google, you will get much more info there. Very few people on here have a clue about the situation which is very complicated to explain!

Religion has nothing to do with this conflict. Its pure greed. Dont think they just want Palestine alone. They want to steal Egypt, Iraq ( and that’s the reason for the war in Iraq ), Northern and eastern part of Saudi Arabia. They want to build the Israeli Empire. If you want to make sure of what i told you, search what does the Israeli flag stand for.
Zionists are the main reason. They were troublemakers in every land they lived in. They play the victim rule, while they started major wars in the past. WWl ( they were the reason which ends the Othmanian Empire ) and wwll was about them. They were kicked out of Europe. So, they came to Muslims land AGAIN. Muslims welcomed them and saved them and that’s how they say thank you.

Inability to live together in peace and for the same reason many countries hate Americans for building a country and working hard.

Others resent that they have not done the same with the ten fingers on there own hands

and just want to take away what others struggled to build or destroy it out of spite. Age old story

Unfortunately instead of seeing an example an building something worthwhile of there own, they simply sit and resent others it does not ever seem to change, they just do not wise up and get busy

The Balfour assertion in 1917 declared Palestine as a fatherland to the Jewish human beings. Do you recognize what it potential while a distant places flesh presser publicizes a rustic as a fatherland to a diverse human beings? on the grounds that then, the conflict began. observing the guy’s ideology, some Palestinians look after because of the fact their land is being stolen, some look after because of the fact their holy places and their faith is in jeopardy (this incorporates Muslims from different worldwide places as properly), and a few for the two. That explains the life of many factions in Palestine now. Israel has been playing the yet-what-approximately-the-gas-chambers-… card for see you later now, even nonetheless it quite is getting previous, and the worldwide community is ultimately beginning up to work out by using this hypocrisy.

Abraham had 2 sons to begin with and one was by a bondwoman Hagar who gave birth to Ishmael and one was by a freewoman Sarah who gave birth to Isaac. Abraham and Sarah didn’t wait on God who had promised Abraham a son. Instead Sarah gave her handmaid Hagar to Abraham so they could have a child. Ishmael was the elder and Isaac the younger and Sarah saw Ishmael mistreating Isaac and had Abraham send Hagar and Ishmael away. God had told Abraham before Abraham knew Hagar that He would give them a son and God did, He gave them Isaac. God had chosen Isaac and not Ishmael to carry the bloodline to Jesus.

You can blame Abraham for not waiting upon the Lord. God said of Ishmael that he would be a wild donkey of a man and his hand would be against his brother. Shiites and Sunnites kill each other and they both hate the Semites.

God gave the Hebrew people the land of Israel. They are the only people on the earth with a God-given deed to their land. And God owns the whole earth and the heavens.

Most Arab states (Egypt and Jordan being 2 exceptions ) still do not accept Israel’s existence

Its about israel slaughtering palestinians so they can steal land for them to keep building illegal settlements eachtime they ethnic cleanse a palestinian village, also i think its punishment for palestinians over the holocaust of jews in ww11 even though that was the nazis maybe they should pick a fight with germany i think not cos they would be defeated, so instead they kill unarmed women and kids for a thrill , very very sick people the israeli army

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