Should I buy an extended warranty when buying a 2010 certified Lexus RX 350?

This is the first time I’m looking into buying a used car. My concern is the warranty. If I purchase a 2010 then there will probably be another year left on the original warranty but what do I do after that? How do I protect myself? I’ve spoken with a few people that have purchased their RX 350 used and they didn’t get an extended warranty because they feel it’s a Lexus and they have so few problems.

Any thoughts?

You mentioned you were going to buy a certified vehicle.

The CPO program means the car has an additional 3 year warranty from the time you buy it, or 100,000 total miles. Basically, you’re already getting an extended warranty through the CPO program.

The warranty is one of the single biggest reasons to buy CPO from a Lexus dealer, as compared to a non CPO car elsewhere.


Never, ever buy any kind of extended warranty. Total ripoffs. And the sleaze their way out of supposedly covered repairs.

Profit markup is 200-300% at dealers.

Always buy an extended warranty when it comes to used cars. ALWAYS! better to have it and not need it then having something seriously wrong go wrong with it shortly after the only original warranty ends.

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