Republicans are now bashing Bush. With this and record low approval ratings does Bush have any support?

Senate GOP runner Republican Mike Steele claims that Bush has been a major screw up. He claims that a large number of Bush failures will hurt his campaign if he gets support from Bush and wants to stay clear of Bush.

Now Republican congressman Ron Paul has called Bush a traitor. He claims Bush sold America out, and has been a dismal failure. Paul along with other Republicans are in favor of impeaching Bush.

With record low approval ratings (done by fox news a conservative bias news group) and republicans distancing themselves from Bush, does Bush have any real support?


Only Laura and his parents…..

William F. Buckley(father of modern conservatism!) recently dissed Bush as well…Bush is worse than lame!

I support President Bush. He is our President during the most troublesome time of my lifetime and the division in the country is not helping anyone. The liberal press does all it can to buck him at every turn to make things more difficult.

It is very easy to criticize when you don’t have to make the decisions or to say everything is wrong but never present a solution to the problems.

For too long the international tensions have been getting more dangerous because no one has had the courage to confront the problems when they began to arise.

If we the people cannot help at least we should not be doing more harm.

Let’s just see what the next administration will do…..or will it do nothing and let things fester further?

I am a (republican), and I voted for Bush. So yes I will admit to my mistakes. I have been very disappointed in how Bush has handled many issues.
1st and most important is the dragging of heels to send relief to New Orleans. I am from Florida so this pains me to say, if it was Florida that got hit like that do ya think it would of went the same as in New Orleans.(Don’t want to cast a bad light in FL’s direction).
2nd I feel a lot of pride for my daddy and I can understand exacting revenge for my dad (if he ever done anyone wrong), but don’t lie about it and don’t expect my support anymore.Man, I would of stood behind you 110% in the name of your father and in honor of 911, but you claimed on only 911 and that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
3rd Government is just a business, I get that, and this beautiful country is just collateral for the politicians, what the hell are the humans that occupy?

How about some Humanity.

Things will be as they are meant to be, but damn’t alot of people need to see where we are headed as a human race.
Bush has not been a leader, it feels more like he has been and still is a suck-face!

I personally bash many decisions of the current U.S. president. After all, nobody is perfect.

I also believe he is the best U.S. president since Reagan.

The only support that matters is the voting public and they won’t get to vote on George Bush again so we will never know how they would respond.

they are only now starting to get even for the bashing that the republicans gave to Clinton over the monica ordeal. to drag a president through the garbage he had to endure will be worth about 3 more years of bush bashing. It is only beginning.

He may be losing ground, but the Democrats are still weak. The fact is we have no strong leadership and it is unlikely that we will anytime soon. The parties are going to disintegrate and that’s when al-Qaeda will strike again: when the country is in political turmoil.

There isn’t going to be a &quot:United States of America&quot: much longer.

I support Bush and I know he is a great leader who doesn’t change with the polls. He does have support from a lot of people,

Bush is a perfect example of why america should never ever let a repuke (republican) be president..

You know I have been wondering the same thing. I personally have not heard anyone try and defend bush. I have heard plenty of peole bashing him but none defending him.

Bush has the Christian Fundamentalists and the Billionaire Businessmen, in this country, that’s enough.

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