&quot:Tough days ahead for spinners… ICC committee has been kind to pacers but not to spinners.&quot: says report.?


What do you think of this?

The spinner will still be the true impact player in the shorter formats of the game, unless the pitch is wet or green, because batsmen have to score runs by hitting the ball and mere guiding or snicking won’t earn boundaries for them against a spinner. The best way to halt fast scoring is to reduce the speed of the delivery as much as possible. With a bit of variety in which way the ball would turn, the spinner is also likely to bag some wickets, especially when the batsmen are trying to score faster.

2 bouncers per over was needed badly for the pacer because earlier, once a bouncer was bowled, the bowling became predictable for the rest of the over. Bowling bouncers in the ODI format is not easy: if it doesn’t go above shoulder height, it is most likely going towards the boundary: if it goes too high (above head) then it’ll be called a wide even as the quota of bouncers in the over will be reduced: if it goes even a whisker outside leg-stump, it will be wide and bouncer counted: most importantly, in order to make a bouncer effective, the field needs to be set differently and once you set a field like that the batsman in any case is aware and ready.

Overall spinners aren’t doing that bad, as we saw in IPL recently. With new rules of allowing only 4 fielders outside during non power-plays also means that their task might be further cut out. Since they rely on guile &amp: variations, they will come up with newer methods to tackle this problem too. There aren’t many great players of spin, apart from Asian players mainly. Sunil Naraine showed that even Asian players struggled against his variety.
I have seen Bedi bowling after Maninder Singh was struggling to get some spin off the pitch, during Bedi’s charity match. In comes Bedi, with a big tummy, he starts bowling &amp: the ball is turning square.
That shows what an experienced spin bowler can do on a dead pitch.
Similar example of E.Prasanna is given in your link &amp: how he got great spin players to play false shots, with his guile.
Never say tough days ahead for spinners, they are very crafty lots &amp: they will come up trumps, whatever the restrictions..

Some spinners such as a recently retired Sri lankan one and a current Pakistani one who have got away with chucking their whole careers. One of them had the laws changed for bowling actions to allow legalized chucking.

We have seen the generation of great spin bowlers and spin chuckers. This comes around about once every 50 years. Bradman’s time had the era with Grimmett, Laker and a number of others, then not many great spinners happened until Warne and Muralitharan came along.

An awfully right resolution. Football has 32 teams, why can not cricket hace sixteen? I feel all 16 must play qualifiers not only 6. Who be aware of India would get overwhelmed by way of Bangaladesh or Pakistan won’t enter WC after being defeated by way of eire. Or England get disappointed with the aid of Afganistan. NewZealand might not be qualified when you consider that of Nepal. Some thing can occur. Its unfair that some groups are certified naturally, whilst the rest have to earn the remaining spot.

I agree with the article. While the rule allows two bouncers per over for the pacers hence making their job easier, there’s nothing that facilitates the spinners. The spinners now need to invent something new as they have always done.

NOW its the start from where spinners have to show their real worth,…………..

ICC comitee thinks it is important to take wickets that is the job of pacers than less run which is the job of spinners.They also think only speed can take wickets.

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