Question for Christians: If all sins are the same in God’s eyes, and homosexuality is a sin, will you admit…?

…your sins are exactly the same as homosexuality in God’s eyes?

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Yes I do. Sinning is a matter of choice. But if you don’t like the religious connotation of sinning then making choices that are good or evil is a choice. We can hurt our fellow man or our self or we can help either. But we do it best if it is done with the purest of motives which is our love for pleasing a holy and pure and just God.

Did you ever have to follow the rules set out by your parents? How about at work now as an adult? or driving on the road with the police man on your back? Suddenly doing the right thing becomes the most important thing, does it not?

So I do agree with you. It doesn’t matter what sin or desire is in our heart. If it is wrong before man’s eyes how much more wrong is it in God’s eyes.

Take care.

Admit? I thought that was the general idea. There’s no need to &quot:admit&quot: to something that’s fundamental, is there?

When we sin, sometimes we do so because we’re weak and we slip up. Sometimes we sin willfully. And sometimes we sin habitually.

Scripture is clear that we will continue to sin when we’re weak, or when we do it accidentally. But it’s also clear that a habitual sin is different: we can’t have a right relationship with God if we hold on to a sin and continue to do it, no matter what that sin is. Sins like lying, stealing, cheating, even killing can be one-time things, can’t they? Shouldn’t we sincerely regret those sins and attempt to make amends for them? But homosexuality is an ongoing sin. And it’s not one which most people engage in with shame. We’re told that we should celebrate homosexuality, elevate it, embrace it and appreciate those who engage in it.

It’s not possible to love God and to love sin. You can’t live sinfully and yet be close to God. It just doesn’t work that way.

Not all sins are the same in God’s eyes. Thats why in the old testament there were different punishments for different sins and different crimes. Not everyone that sinned or commited a crime was treated the same, But any sin that is not repented of will cause you to be absent from God’s presence. Christians are not slaves as some have mocked about on this sight. Being a christian is being a member of a Kingdom. You obey the laws of the kingdom to become a part of it. When you die if you are not of that Kingdom GOD does not send you to hell, he dosnt do anything. You are not his. When a person dies thats not of God’s kingdom demons come and take by force, those souls into hell to torment. They hate humans with a passion. Its not until the judgment that you are judged by God. Then you are sent where Satan and his fallen angels are (lake of Fire) and that is only because you chose not to be in his Kingdom. There have been lots of people say they dont wnt to be part of either side but if you wish to have your own alliance apart from God and satan fat chance that happening. The Demons come for you as soon as you leave your body. I don’t see humans who are absent from God overpowering Satans army ever.

You’re slightly mistaken.

All sins ARE sin in God’s eyes, not…all sins are on the same level in God’s eyes.

The white lie you tell your wife about looking as great as she did in high school, and raping children, do not fall into the same level of seriousness to God. They are both sin. The first lie doesnt get a free pass because it was a small lie or meant with good intention. Its still a lie. But they are in no way equally offensive to God. They just both count. They BOTH require the forgiveness we can only get through the savior.

And the thing is, homosexuality is a sexual sin. Just as heterosexual relations outside of the bonds of a legally binding marriage are sexual sin too. They all fall into the same category. Gay, straight…whatever.

Yeah, they all require repentance and forgiveness, but that doesnt mean to assume that since gay sex and speeding 5 miles over the limit are the &quot:same&quot: you might as well do the more fun one…. Then you are making a mockery of the atonement. And the Bible is clear on Gods feelings on that.


“Repentance wasn’t provided so that we could go out and sin carelessly, willfully, always with the idea in mind that sometime we’d resort to repentance to clean up our lives. Christ didn’t go through the terrible agony of Gethsemane just so we could all go out and eat, drink and be merry, and then scrub ourselves with repentance like it was a common bar of soap.

“Those who think they can use repentance in that way are making a mockery of the whole atonement.”

God hates sin and specifically said that the one particular sin that is an abomination to Him is homosexuality. That sin is in a category of it’s own and God put it there.

In that I was once spiritually dead in my sins and transgressions, yes. In that there is no sin too much for the blood of Christ, yes. In that Christ welcomed me with love even though I was a sinner, yes. In that I am saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ, yes. In that I believe John 3:16 means what it says, yes 🙂

The law allows us to see how fall we have fallen from God’s glory and why we need salvation. The law can only convict us: we are saved by God’s grace through our faith in Christ Jesus.

Peace be with you.

for something to be a sin. you have to have a choice on weather to commit that sin or not. no one chooses their sexuality. you are either a heterosexual,homosexual or bisexual. only acting on those urges outside of marriage can be considered a sin.

Yes, unthankfulness is listed alongside with homosexuality.
Sin is sin and God hates sin.
It is only the homosexual community who make a big deal of their particular sin, wanting to keep it.
A thief recognises stealing is sin, a liar accepts lying is sin, a murderer admits murder is sin, it seems only homosexuals want to remain in their sin.

lying about homework isnt as bad as killing somebody but a sin is a sin so in general, yes. i disagree with homosexual views, but i have nothing against homosexuals

&quot:If&quot: is extremely hard to use correctly. You have presupposed postulates that are not correct. All sin is unacceptable to God, but the similarity ends there. Jesus himself stated that he would judge and reward us according to our works, and therefore not all works (good or evil) are the same. Jesus said that if somebody offended a little child (as in abuse or molestation or destroying his faith), it would have been a better idea to be drowned in the sea.

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