POLL: What’s the most important part of your body?

Besides the heart!!

Starrrr starrr!!!

Uhm skin?




no person area of the physique is extra considerable than the different. It takes each and all the aspects working collectively for the physique to function suitable. devoid of the midsection pumping the suitable volume of oxygenated blood to the strategies-strategies cells die and the strategies controls the functionality of the midsection. Neither can functionality suitable devoid of the different.

im going to say spine and spinal cord
we are learning about the spine, and nerves and stuff in psychology
its so interesting
without your spine you couldnt do a thing
i guess brains included too

and also toes
if you didnt have toes you couldnt stand up for very long at all

Skin and skeleton!
It provides protection to the other important body parts, like your heart and brain and other organs…




oh my goodness! i`ma have to say the brain besides the heart. the brain is where you have all the knowledge &amp: your movements are controlled by the brain…so yeah!

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