POLL: Do you have weird dreams..?

I have the weirdest dream EVER. one time I had a dream that me and some of my friends layed on towels by my house, and that was a way to go to heaven. Like if you layed on a towel by my house, you’re straight going to heaven, but everybody including me wanted to do it and we started to but I woke up.

Another weird dream I had was when Death (like a person with an axe thing in a black dress) was scraping my knees with that axe thing and I was screaming that it hurts but Death kept reassuring me that It was alright and I would be okay then in a week (I swear) I fell on glass and it got in my knee and I had to get stitches. That freaked me out SO bad :(. I was only 8.

Yeah but I usually don’y remember much of it (it I remember them at all)

One time I had a dream where I was at my grandma’s house and she kept getting a bunch of dogs so god gave her an envelope filled with millions and millions of dollars (even though it looked like little pieces of paper) and she used it to make a doggie haven. then I had to get into my halloween costume but it was ugly and sparkly so my brother told me to get his Doctor Who costume. I had to climb up these huge stairs that go up really high while millions of little kids attacked me because they thought I had candy. I finally got to the top and found two tiny black fezzes but I then got a vision. It was of a furnal and there was a blonde guy there that for some reason I figured out that he was going to do something bad so I became his apprentice. I forgot what happened after that but later I went downstairs to this huge basement and this ugly little girl asked me if this one short librairen lady was pretty I said something like &quot:sure….&quot: and waited in a lunch line to get food. I left my food but when I come back it was gone. Then this old couple can up to me and asked if I stole their treasure chest and I said &quot:No! But someone stole my food!&quot: But they kept asking and asking! Then I randomly got a surge of power and a burst of light and I suddenly knew who stoe my food. It was a little boy and a girl. I was so upset that I took their stuff and went to go find a shredder to shred their stuff. But blondie reappeared (I think his name was Justin) and told me to not shred the stuff and that some weird stuff is going on in the universe so I have super powers and he does too.
Then I woke up

BQ: 16

Once I had a dream I did it with a girl, I’m 17.

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