Obama supporters: How do you explain the behavior of these McCain supporters in this video?

I cannot understand the behavior of the Mccain supporters you see in this video:


I need Obama supporters to answer my question because the McCain supporters who have tried seem to be in complete denial over this video.

Again, my question to you is: How do you explain the behavior of the McCain supporters you see in this video?

This is obviously racist and I already sent a strongly worded message to the woman who created it about this. Her daughter denies it is racist because she, too, eats these stereotyped foods. But that is beside the point. Why did the woman select these particular foods if not because they conform to the black stereotype? Well, of course, the real answer is that she chose them precisely BECAUSE they conformed to the stereotype and the black woman in the interview was aware of this the moment she saw the image, as would anyone be, in reality. The daughter claims that the mother cannot be racist because she married a Mexican. But that only demonstrates openness to Hispanics, not to blacks. And of course, the racism demonstrated by the image was against blacks because Obama’s father immigrated from Africa. It is monstrous, old-fashioned, irresponsible, malicious, vicious, and shameful. Republicans should all immediately repudiate this image, this woman, this group, and this tactic. That they have failed to do so demonstrates their implicit acceptance of the racism behind the image and its use to try to sway similarly racist voters. I am appalled but not surprised.

When I was in Kindergarten I sat next to a very wise little black girl. One day we both drew self portraits. We both used the orange crayon. I objected, saying, &quot:No, Sandy, you ‘posta use the brown crayon.&quot: But she said, &quot:Nuh-unh!&quot: She turned my hand palm up, turned her hand palm up next to mine, and placed the orange crayon on both. &quot:See,&quot: she said, &quot:we’re both orange.&quot: And so we were.

I agree, it’s stereotypical. But racist is a strong word for something so comedic. I mean, really–come on. Watermelon. Fried Chicken. How does that paint Black people negatively? I don’t see a negative stereotype, just a stereotype.

the republican base is the scum of the earth:


brainwashed bigots

Worship McCain. He is our savior.

LOL of course its from CNN (Clinton National Network)

Both parties have their crazy nuts!

&quot: Forgive them for They know not what they do&quot: I think it’s from the bible

its funny cause its true

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