mitsubishi 3000gt vr4, or eclipse gsx? 8 grand to spend on a hot whip?

i was looking at a gsx in nice condition rebuilt tranny and clutch. has 80k miles, i also see 3000gt vr4’s with around the same milage for about the same price. I think the gsx looks a little nicer but i dont dislike the vr4 either. I am just wondering because i know the 3000gt can haul alot better. I dont know if i should go for the most bang for buck or stick with the gsx, ive heard mixed reviews about the gsx but i think it is sexy reguardless, i havnt driven either though so any input would be great, either one I get i am going to take to mitsubishi and have inspected first so your advice is greatly appreciated, thanks – steve

My personal opinion (isn’t that what these all are?) is the VR4. The Eclipse is the &quot:feminine&quot: version of their sports cars: the 3000GT is the &quot:masculine&quot:.

The 95-99 Eclipses need work add-ons to get up to the full performance of a ’94 GT VR4. Plus, they don’t have the extra &quot:boy toys&quot: such as 4-wheel steering, moving spoiler and air-dam, adjustable suspension, or adjustable muffler exhaust.

3000GTs are also bigger on the inside. Not sure about an Eclipse, but in a GT, put the back seats down and you can easily sleep back there with a woman. 🙂

Not that an Eclipse sucks. If my misses wanted one, she’d get it. The 3000GT would be &quot:his&quot: and the Eclipse would be &quot:hers&quot:. 🙂

GSX will be a more sensible choice. For all the pluses about the VR4, the negatives outweigh them. Sure crankwall isn’t an issue but the parts are ridiculously expensive on VR4s. There way too many electronic stuff to fail: Active front and rear spoilers, four wheel steering and four wheel drive. The Eclipse is simple by comparison. Even a Toyota Supra would be cheaper to maintain than a VR4. If I had money to burn, I still wouldn’t buy a VR4.

I’d rather have 3000GT VR4. They are bigger inside and out (inside is good). The engine makes 320hp (94+, 93- models you can remove a restrictor and get the 20hp the 94+ has) as opposed to 210 with the GSX. The 3000GT may not be the most reliable car on the road but the engine doesn’t suffer from crankwalk and you have enough room under the hood that if you ave engine problems you can swap for another 6G7 engine like the 6G74 or 6G75. I’ve seen stroked 6G74s at 4.1 liters make 1300hp.

My personal opinion? I bought my ’92 VR4 a year ago and its been the greatest thing I’ve ever done. The only thing that I personally had a problem with was the heater hoses, but that was quickly fixed. The car runs extremely well (at 135,000 miles) and 3000gt’s will not let you down if you take care of them properly. Besides, the VR4s are pretty rare but you see eclipses everywhere. You can’t beat the AWS, digital suspension, and AWD. They may be heavy, but with digital climate control and power leather seats, and the 300 (easily made to be a 400 horses), those twin turbos screamin down the road…my gosh. My 2 cents, take the VR4, it sure opened up my eyes.

Depends if you don’t have a lot of money. The gsx would be a lot cheaper to mod while the vr4 more be more and gets expensive when repairs are needed. Goodluck either way! Btw I would go vr4

vr4’s are nice only because they are twin turbo….but the gsx is all wheel drive and turbo charged.you can built the crap out of them and personally i love the looks of the 2g eclipse 95-99

3000’s are way too heavy, and are much more &quot:annoying&quot: to work on.

gsx will be easier to work on, and the 4g63 has a lot of potential.

Both cars look damn good.

Edit: Melissa must have forgot the vr4 is all wheel drive as well.

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