last night game 4 nba finals?

the lakers are up 3-1 on the magic,but will the lakers close it out sunday or will the magic force a game6 in los angeles?.the lakers are going back to la after game 5 the question is will the magic be going to la with them?. lakers or magic fans tell me your honest views on both teams in last nights game 4.

Lakers will close it out in game 5 but i’m kinda hoping it will be a game 6 because I would like to see them,close it out at the staples center it would just seem better if they closed it out at staples.Both teams played good last night but it was he lakers who got the much needed win to go up 3-1 instead of 2-2.The magic played like we did last year when we took on boston and gave up a 20 point lead in game 4 last year in the 08 finals.But the only difference was that last night we did what boston did last year in the finals,and the magic gave up a 12 point lead last night and we came back and won.

The Magic are 2 mistakes away from being up 3-1. It seems they are doing more to beat themselves than anything. The last few games have come down to the wire but this has been a terrible series with a lot of bad play.

The Lakers might just end it out in Orlandooo on Sunday!! or they might let Orlando Magics winn, then in LA beat them.

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Lakers will probably take it in 6.

Game 5 is gonna be at Orlando
not in L.A

lakers close it out on sunday

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i no the lakers will win the finals hela quick

i seriously htink the magic have a chance…they can win…but its a very small chance…im not giving up hope

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