Is tap water safe to drink in london?

I’m on vacation and I’m really thirsty, but I have no idea if the water is safe to drink at the hotel, because where I live the hotels tell you if you can or can’t drink the water and if you can’t there’s usually bottled water there (they charge you of course). But there’s no little sign saying you can drink it and no bottled water, so I’m just wondering if tap water is safe to drink and it’s something that most people just know or if I should just wait till tomorrow to drink something from somewhere else.
Thanks a lot.


I completely understand what you are saying. A lot of the time in hotels they put that &quot:do not drink&quot: sign up in say bathroom and places like that because the water in there is not connected to the mains, i.e. its not from a fresh water supply but rather a tank. (This is all due to costs, but I wont go into that!) In bathrooms this is ok because its used for the toilets and for hand basins and not for consumption, but its doubtful it would kill you, but probably its best not to drink it.

In a hotel, if the water is unsafe to drink, signs should and hopefully would be displayed. Therefore if there are no sign you can safely assume its ok to drink. If your worried call down and ask at reception they would know. Additionally, like someone else said, if you do have some sort of kitchen in your suite, drink it from that not the bathroom one.

Finally if your question is generally about the level of cleanliness of the water in London, its very clean and safe to drink.

Also If you do want to buy bottled water, don’t get it from the hotel, the charge a fortune, go to a local supermarket and get some from there. Even then go for the bigger bottle that they haven’t yet put in the fridge and take it back to your room and put it in the fridge. The handy lunch size ones are over priced too!

The UK has the cleanest tap water in the EU, and most probably the world. Whereas in Spain or Germany (yes it’s not just Kenya with dirty water to the person who said that) which are also very developed countries you are encouraged to drink bottled water, in the UK it’s perfectly fine. The only problem people might have is in the pipes to their very own houses, but that’s very rare and hotels especially would make sure it’s suitable to drink.

Yes you can drink the water. A lot of people prefer bottled because it’s &quot:hard&quot: water but there’s nothing wrong with it and most Londoners don’t bother with bottled water because it would be too expensive for all the time.

Generally tap water is safe to drink. There is no need to buy bottled water in the UK

I live in London and use tap water every day it’s fine to drink just run the tap a little bit cos it clears out and you get the good water.

Hope your enjoying our sights and history and all what we have to offer. If you get a chance visit the London dungeons it’s great. Also visit southbank and go on the London eye.

Enjoy your stay!!!

Yes. In hotels, I usually run the tap for a while before drinking.

Perfectly safe. London water doesn’t taste fantastic, but it’s fine.

Pretty much all tap-water in the UK is safe to drink. Only in some VERY rural locations will you get unfiltered well water.

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London water is processed and monitored very intently so its between the main secure waters to drink around. even though it would not seem fluoridated because of the fact in my opinion lots of Londoners look to have poor tooth (no offence). It would not have the suitable of style nevertheless. I want mineral water and mushy water from Scotland and Wales.

Yes, it is safe to drink the tap water in all areas of the UK…it is some of the purest in the world. However, whether it tastes that good is another matter…

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