Is Obama being a hypocrite now that he wants to use the &quot:nuclear option&quot: to pass Obamacare?

This video link shows him speaking AGAINST the ‘nuclear option’ or ’50 plus 1′ option…but now all of a sudden he and Harry Reid want to use that VERY OPTION to pass Obamacare?


I hate to inject facts into the middle of a perfectly good rant, but reconciliation has been used for health care issues repeatedly. Often by republican presidents.

1982 — TEFRA: The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act first opened Medicare to HMOs

1986 — COBRA: The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act allowed people who were laid off to keep their health coverage, and stopped hospitals from dumping ER patients unable to pay for their care

1987 — OBRA ’87: Added nursing home protection rules to Medicare and Medicaid, created no-fault vaccine injury compensation program

1989 — OBRA ’89: Overhauled doctor payment system for Medicare, created new federal agency on research and quality of care

1990 — OBRA ’90: Added cancer screenings to Medicare, required providers to notify patients about advance directives and living wills, expanded Medicaid to all kids living below poverty level, required drug companies to provide discounts to Medicaid

1993 — OBRA ’93: created federal vaccine funding for all children

1996 — Welfare Reform: Separated Medicaid from welfare

1997 — BBA: The Balanced Budget Act created the state-federal childrens’ health program called CHIP

2005 — DRA: The Deficit Reduction Act reduced Medicaid spending, allowed parents of disabled children to buy into Medicaid

Again, sorry to inject facts, but only 3 of those 9 uses of reconciliation for health care issues involved a democratic president. Republicans chose to sign the other 6 reconciliation bills that included health care changes. If you’re going to claim it’s &quot:sedition&quot: to use reconciliation then it’s time to put both Bushes on trial.

A: They are willing to compromise, give the white house another health care reform bill that addresses all the items that Obamacare does and I’d bet they would consider it. Simply repealing it isn’t a compromise. B: Yes Republicans controll 33 states of those 33 not all governorships were up for election last cycle and as for the house, 51% of all votes cast in house of representative races were Democrats but because of those 33 governorships that the republicans controlled during redistricting, the districts were drawn in a way the heavily favors republicans as you can easily see. Not that any republicans would bother to check those facts before just choosing to ignore this post

The Nuclear Option isn’t 50 +1, it’s how to do away with the filibuster rule entirely. Reconciliation isn’t the Nuclear Option. But the earlier quotes assumed that Republicans wouldn’t be acting as a solid block to block everything.

The ignorance of Republicans is always amazing, but never surprising considering that the sources of their information. Obama is not considering the &quot:nuclear option&quot: he is considering reconciliation. That so many on the right are misinformed on this shows me that the right wing propaganda machine is doing its job. The &quot:nuclear option&quot: a process and term brought to us by the Republican party involves eliminating the fillibuster rules. This is not reconciliation. If you are going to be calling someone a hypocrite, at least get your fact straight. It makes you look foolish and uninformed to those of us who are intelligent and informed.

The hypocrisy lies with those of the GOP US Congress, who repeatedly have in the pass utilized the same tactics during the last 20 years. Its only bad when their opposing political party uses the same measurement. People should study history more often and stop relying on 30 second sound bites or paid corporate pundit millionaires: paid to confuse voters into voting and supporting issues that will affect them negatively in the long run.

The correct word isn’t hypocrite, it is LIAR. And it is insulting to any intelligent American that he and his cronies think we will believe these lies. The only thing &quot:transparent&quot: about Obama and his administration are the lies.


The DEMOCRATS created the &quot:nuclear option&quot: and the SOLE legal purpose of the process was to pass BUDGET AMENDMENTS.

Using the &quot:nuclear option&quot: is OUTSIDE THE LEGAL SCOPE of law/process, and is NOT ALLOWED to be used for &quot:health care&quot:. ANYTHING they pass with the &quot:nuclear option&quot: is unconstitutional.

By moving to a &quot:majority rule&quot:model… they have ELIMINATED the Constitutional protections of a BICAMERAL congress. They have effectively &quot:re-written&quot: the Constitution and changed the structure of our government.

ANYONE who puts their name on the bottom of &quot:nuclear&quot: bills, should be arrested and charged with SEDITION !!!!


Of course he is but then he is a politician and they are notorious for being hypocritical. There is no change with this guy and I think our hope is quickly evaporating, too.

They all do that, it’s called politics in a free society.

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