Is Iran really the enemy of Israel and America?

There is a theory going around that despite the official theatrical scenario, Iran is really part of the NWO. The theory states that the illuminati wants to advance Iran because it is Shia and therefore causing confusion and disunity within the Muslim world. Only 10% of the world Muslim population is Shia whilst the rest is Sunni. The Illuminati wants to advance Iran so that the rest of the Muslim world, which is Sunni, starts to think that Shia is the way to go. What do you think of this theory?

I also remember that an Iraqi roommate of mine – many years ago – stated that during the Iran-Iraq war a warshell nearly hit his mother. He also said that on the shell, which was fired by the Iranians against the Iraqi’s it said Made in Israel. What?

First of all Shia idiology covers the whole things as the Slogan is Iran is &quot:our politics is the our absulote faith and our faith is the the absolute our politics&quot:. but suuni compromise alot and turn a blind eye on things against their intrests. like Suadis compromise Palastine issue over their relationship with U.S.

But misudrestanding you put it it in a shape of a question is driven by this, Iran is against Arabs idiologicly and U.S. is against Arabs so Iran is friend of U.S. and Isreal.
but that is not true!

there is no disguse that Saddam huseein had full backing of Whole west especially they U.S. (evidences are abondant) and Iran was left in total isolation while was in war with Iraq. French and russian planes were used alot. meanwhile if your friend had said that it was written MADE IN U.S.A. that could make more sense because I sould say that Shah had filled the Iranian whith abondant armements bought from U.S. before 1979 revolution and war began in 1980! It is not acceptabale at all! that is absolutely wrong!

more to the point, Iran and U.S. Shares a huge common intrests in middle east scale and larger world. if you look back you can see Number of enemy of Iran is Russia (Russia is #1 enemy of Iran but helps Iran because wants Iran to stand in front of greater enemy), Iran was supporting Ahmad shah Massod in afghanistan to fight Taliban. Iran fought Saddam hossein back! Arabs are scared of Iran as much as scared of Isreal! at the same time Arab countries are so afraid of cooperation of IRAN-US and see thier future so much in danger if the most powerfull shia nation allied with U.S.

I hope I helped :0)

Ignoring the conspiracy theory aspect of your question, I’m saying that Iran isn’t the friend of either the US nor Israel. They are enemies, especially in the case of Israel. Iran wants Israel destroyed, and is incredibly hostile towards Israel. Also, nothing Iran does has been friendly to the US, either. In reality, if Iran was a friend, then neither the US nor Israel would put so much effort into sanctions against Iran in response to their nuclear program.

Concerning the Sunni/Shia thing, most Sunni Arabs distrust the regime of Iran, so if that was the case, then the Shia of Iran aren’t doing the job well. I mean, is it still 10%? How much has it risen in the last few years? Compared to Sunni? You need to look at those statistics if you really want to make that case.

Also, something that says &quot:Made in Israel&quot: would be written in Hebrew. I doubt your friend’s mother can read that. Chances are, there is little chance she might know English, as well, which is another possibility, but it is much more likely that an Israeli shell would say so in Hebrew. That, plus at that time no one hated Israel more than the Ayatollahs in Iran.

And where did Israel get the shells? Hussein outlived his usefulness to the USA. By supporting the war between Iran and Iraq we weakened both of them without the cost to ourselves. Soon both Iraq and Iran will be our trading partners. It will just take a bit of time and a few more lives, i.e., the number of lives lost in such conflicts have a direct ratio to the size of the population and the technological advantage one country has over the other. [Bruce Lincoln: Death, War, &amp: Sacrifice.]

Furthermore, the scrimmages in which we are currently involved in both Iraq and Afghanistan will be settled within the next twenty to twenty-five years. War is the manner in which we &quot:get to know&quot: our adversary. In other words, we become allies through the sharing of Death with each other. What better way to know your enemy than to die with him or her.

well in Isaiah, i believe, it talks about Gog and Magog. These are believed to be references to Russia and Iran. It says that these will make war against Israel. It is my belief the America will fall in the next war and as a result, the Russians will take power over the globe. It is after this the nations of the world will attack Israel

if you have any questions on the Illuminati, feel free to email me

IRAN IS ALSO AN ENEMY OF GOOD TASTE… humanity and higher feelings… but they are best friends with hypocricy… never have i seen as much gays as in iran

There is only one country in history that have used the atomic bomb in anger, America against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing over 200,000 civilians. Does anyone here really think that Iran or Israel will ever use this terrible weapon.? This is how one eye witness described its effect on humans.
&quot:The appearance of people was . . . well, they all had skin blackened by burns. . . . They had no hair because their hair was burned, and at a glance you couldn’t tell whether you were looking at them from in front or in back. . . . They held their arms bent [forward] like this . . . and their skin – not only on their hands, but on their faces and bodies too – hung down. . . . If there had been only one or two such people . . . perhaps I would not have had such a strong impression. But wherever I walked I met these people. . . . Many of them died along the road – I can still picture them in my mind — like walking ghosts.&quot:
And another
&quot:A gold tooth gleamed in the wide-open mouth. A handful of singed hair hung down from the left temple over her cheek, dangling in her mouth. Her eyelids were drawn up, showing black holes where the eyes had been burned out. . . . She had probably looked square into the flash and gotten her eyeballs burned.&quot:
Only the Devil himself would even consider using this and even he would think twice.
Why do nations even feel the need to possess this freak of inventions The only good thing that it has done is managed to stop another world war.

The problem with Iran is that they have a government based on religion, not freedom, so yes, they made themselves the enemy.

iran wants to have relation with all countries but not israel
israel is the enemy of the world

I would not be surprised reading what you wrote. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a 33rd degree Mason. In Masonry, one must reach the 30th Degree before he is told who he worships.

Interesting but in order to be safe Israel should expect Iran to be producing a nuclear device which it will use upon completion. I don’t see any alternative to the preemptive use of bunker busters against Iran.

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