In your opinion, why would Donald Trump want to become president?

A big part of it is the attention, people forget that under it all he’s a real estate developer. That’s not a profession that tends to have a lot of media exposure, the fact that Trump does have it and has been a minor celebrity for decades now means he has actively sought it out. Another part of it I think is that he legitimately thinks he can do the job better than anybody else running right now, and on a purely managerial level I think he probably could. Finally he has a certain view of America and what it means to him and he’s had the luxury of enough time and money that he can give the issue a lot more thought than most of us can, and for whatever reason he doesn’t like where the country is headed.

Because narcissistic megalomaniacs want as much power as they can get.
Not just villains in James Bond movies.

But seriously, Trump is really just a joke candidate whose job is distracting and deflecting voter attention away from the other GOP candidates.
By making controversial statements, he makes those candidates look better by comparison.
And therefore more acceptable to voters than the idiots the GOP has fielded in the past two elections.

Maybe he wants to be seen as a hero. Just as long as he knows he has to be one for that to happen. And as long as he knows that title won’t be handed to him before he fixes anything, like it was to you know who.

If y’all are looking for a saint for president, forget about it. A true saint wouldn’t want the job. I’ll settle for a straight up asshole that fixes the economy, though. As would anyone with a brain. Touchy feelly doesn’t pay the damn bills!

Donald Trump, moar liek Donald Dumb amirite?

He knows not just business, but how to keep businesses on track and most importantly how to get struggling businesses back on track. He also refreshingly tells the truth without sugar coating it. The truth is the truth and the numbers support him on the illegal immigration stuff whether the left finds that offensive or not.

He doesn’t want to! He’s a Hollary shill.

To save America!

To ensure you live another 50 years.

To make America Great Again!!!

His narcissistic personality demands attention. He figured out how to get the attention of millions of people.

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