How is Barack Obama More Qualified than Sarah Palin to be President?

Obama lost his first attempt to get elected when he ran for state representative, has been a state senator and then a U.S. Senator (in a congress that has a 5% approval rating). Palin has been a mayor and then a Governor (where she has an 80% approval rating).
Obama = Legislative expreience.
Palin = Executive experience.
On paper, how is his resume better?

He is NOT ! ! !

MORE than half of ALL TRUE Americans know that JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama, with 143 DAY of ACTUAL WORK experience as a JUNIOR U.S. Senator, AND NO EXECUTIVE Management

Experience, .. is NOT ANY WHERE NEAR READY to be OUR President of the United States of America !!!

And you know that JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama’s CHANGE is actually an acronym :

C – Come

H – Help

A – A

N – Narcissist

G – Get

E – Elected

I have seen and heard enough of what JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama wants to DO TO America !!! . . . Enough to know that HIS ideas and policies for America are NOT GOOD FOR America !!!

The MAIN, bad idea of Obama, that I believe ALL True Americans should research and READ is .. Obama’s Global Poverty Act (S.2433) which will surrender America’s sovereignty to the United Nations


I .. HAVE .. and .. WILL .. Vote for the BEST person for the job !!

JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama is NOT the Best person to be THE President of THE United States of America !!!

Why would WE want ANYONE that does not have ANY mangerial experience to TRY to be THE President of THE United States of America ???

Can YOU get over the FACT that JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama IS going to turn over the sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations ???

ALL … TRUE Americans need to READ the Global Poverty Act (S.2433) !!!

JUNIOR U.S. Senators TRY to Legislate !!!

JUNIOR U. S. Senator Obama did NOT complete his FIRST term in office !!
… with just 143 days of ACTUAL experience
… HE decided
… that he DESERVED to be THE President of THE United States of America !!!
JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama, the Unions, and the Democrats are sending messages to big business to downsize in America and send more jobs to foreign countries.

Brilliant ideas from JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama, the Democrats and the Unions (SARCASM) !!!!
MOST JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama Supporters do NOT care about his ideals and policies … they JUST WANT AN AFRICAN AMERICAN as President !!!

I have NO problem voting for an African American or a woman or any other minorty as long as they are the BEST PERSON for the position !!!

JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama is NOT the BEST person to be OUR President of THE United States of America !!
JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama is ANTI-American.

WE NEED to start doing the &quot:REPORT ABUSE&quot: Button on the ABUSIVE Obama Supporters for EVERY LITTLE … POSSIBLE … Violation, like they do to the rest of the people on here !!!!

You can head out back to Palins outhouse and put that paper to use! All that is needed is to stand them side by side and make an honest comparison.He will answer all the trick questions like,what newspapers do you read,without hesitation. He does not need to read the cups at Starbucks in order to come up with talking points. He is a constitutional lawyer which I’ll grant you is not as exciting as a moose hunter but we gotta give her something! He knows how to work with others to get the job done and can work on many levels at the same time.She can barely function at one level. I am not sure but if she were to use the same methods of choosing the people around her that she did in Alaska I don’t know what we would end up with. Sometime it is better to pick people you didn’t go to high school with! She is a joke a phony a fake and most of all an embarrassment to the whole country.We as a people on the fourth of November will tell her…&quot: Thanks But No Thanks &quot:…..VOTE OBAMA / BIDEN &quot:08&quot:……

Obama has a J.D. from Harvard Law. In college he learned about the governments of other countries, how the federal government works, and advanced economic principals. Guys, an education like Obama has had is a hell of a thing. Obama is a well-spoken, intelligent individual who seems to have a better grasp of what the mission should be (whether you agree with his means of getting there or not).

I found it disturbing that John McCain criticized Obama for saying we need to kill Osama bin Laden last night by any means necessary. I find it disturbing that people think that governing Alaska is more of a challenge than being say, the mayor of Austin, Texas or Louisville, Kentucky. More importantly, I find it disturbing that people like Palin because they relate to her. How would you do as president?

After Palin left as mayor of her tiny Alaska hamlet, she left city drowning in debt. She’s been in the governor’s workplace below 2 years and he or she’s already in touch in a corruption and abuse-of-means scandal. She’s been stocking the entire state equipment with unqualified acquaintances from severe college. I notice which you’re saying no longer something approximately what the Annenberg undertaking actual tried to do in Chicago. i assume that is considering you the two do no longer understand or do no longer care. you in addition to mght do no longer point out that Ayers replaced into acquitted and hasn’t been in touch in radical pastime because of the fact the Seventies, and nonetheless he did help bomb homes, no one replaced into killed as a results of what he did. in certainty, aerial bombing of Vietnam had to end because of the Pentagon workplace bombing – he saved lives. yet none of this has something to do with Obama, because of the fact Obama isn’t AYERS. Obama replaced right into a newborn whilst Ayers dedicated his crimes, and by skill of the time Obama have been given onto the Chicago political scene Ayers replaced right into a respected authority on coaching. Your arguments are sloppy. Your attempt to conflate a hayseed like Palin with a nicely-knowledgeable guy like Obama is a large number.

1. He is obviously more educated
2. He doesn’t debate like he is at a hockey match
3. Its easy to have a higher approval rating when you consider the amount of people they pole and are in her constituent.
4.Her background is much more secretive so what is she hiding?
5. When you state executive experience I feel much more comfortable with the man with the plan compared to someone who is just reading lines and who has no real opinion or actual Merritt with dealing with the current economic crisis.

Obama 08!

How is he NOT? Palin’s major experience is in running a one horse town PART TIME. Obama is a veteran legislator and he is infinitely smarter than Palin.

Its also helpful to note that Palin isn’t the nominee for president…

Maybe someday hopefully within the next 28 days people will see what a farce Obama really is . And if I’m not mistaken and sources are correct McCain has a huge Oct. surprise for Obama and his sheep . Look for ti within 1 week .

Mayor and Governor of thousands of people
Degree = Journalism

Senator of millions
Degree = Two and one of which was an Ivy League Law degree.

Obama isn’t qualified on his resume to be a McD manager

He’s NOT

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