How do you stop an adult male dog from marking?

My s/o has a Yorki who pees in the house. He’s about 5 yrs old (the Yorki that is 🙂 and KNOWS to go outside. I think he’s just doing it to be spiteful. We now kennel when we’re gone, but sometimes he still tries to sneek a moment when no one is looking. What can I do to stop this dog from peeing in the house?

Catch him in the act, and spank him. It’s natural for male dogs. They want to mark their territory, and claim in, so when he tries it, spank him, or leave him outside for a period of time.

Dogs are not human and they do not feel spite. And you could spank him and put him outside, but all that’s going to do is cause him to cringe every time he sees you coming and he’s a dog – he’s certainly not going to associate being thrown outside with peeing on the corner of the couch.

He’s marking because he’s not really housetrained. The first thing you’ve got to do is get all traces of the smell out from everywhere he’s peed. Don’t use any cleanser with bleach because that smells like pee to a dog and they’ll just keep going there.

Then, if you need to, tether him to you when he’s in the house so he can’t lift his leg on anything. When you’re not home, crate him until he becomes reliably housetrained.

Dogs don’t do things to be spiteful… People do things to be spiteful.
He is marking the house because he isn’t neutered?? Or has been neutered and hasn’t been corrected for the behaviour..Keep an eye on him and tell him NO when you catch him.. Take him outside and tell him ALL PEE GOES OUTSIDE.. Praise him when he goes..
Clean the spots in the house very well so he can’t smell them and try to mark there again.

Dogs don’t do anything out of spite (that’s how we humans try to explain their behavior). If he’s not neutered that could be contributing to the problem. He probably could benefit from re-housetraining (if he was successfully trained before). Also try NILIF (nothing in life is free) and strict supervision when he is inside. When you can’t supervise him, confine him.

Get him neutered. He will not turn into a sissy, if he is not used as a stud dog, he doesn’t need to remain reproductive. I use crating for a way to enforce housebreaking training for dogs. Carry him outside give him a chance to do his business, if he doesn’t, put him back in the crate. In about an hour give him another chance. Repeat as needed.

There is no need to spank your dog…nor is the dog doing in to get you mad. Catch him in the act, pick him up and put him outside. But dont get mad at him. He wouldnt have any clue. Its a natural thing they do.
Supervision is the key to housetraining. Just pretend he is a puppy and start all over.

is he nurtured? male dogs are much more likely to mark if they aren’t nurtured. you are supposed to neuter them before they learn to mark, but if you have that done now, it might help a little bit. other than that, I’m not that great on house training dogs, I had a maltese like that too and we never really got him house trained.

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