Hi I’m planning to move to Texas. Planning to move to either Dallas / Houston. Kindly provide your thoughts?

Hi I’m planning to move to Texas. Planning to move to either Dallas / Houston. Kindly provide your thoughts as to which City is better. My main criteria is schools and apartments at a reasonable rate.

I would appreciate if you can suggest some towns around houston/ Dallas that is crime free and has good schools

Crime free? Around Houston? Good luck! Dallas has some bad areas, but not nearly as bad as Houston. Better schools, better jobs, better sports teams, you don’t have to worry about hurricanes, and I live in the area. So it’s just better.

The two cities are very different. Houston is a port city with many oil refineries, it’s hot, humid and polluted by the refineries. Dallas is much farther north, almost in Oklahoma. There are no refineries, not heavy industry at all, mostly service industry jobs. It’s cleaner than Houston for that reason. Before you move to either city you need to find a job and check the rents, etc. Texas is a huge state and the differences between our cities is major, so deciding is usually easy as the two places are so different. The general consus would be the Dallas is the better place to live. There are many nice suburbs with good schools and low crime rate. Again, the city is huge so where you work determines what part you live in.

Here’s a very general capsule of both:

– Experiences all 4-seasons including snow and ice in the winter
– Climate is dryer and windier, more midwestern
– Has more storms from the western rockies, can produce tornadoes
– Housing generally a bit higher than Houston
– Better neighborhoods and schools in northern burbs
– Great entertainment and professional sports
– Very good healthcare system
– Excellent job and career opportunities
– JR Ewing lives there (lol)

– Extremely mild winder, only freezes a couple times a year
– Climate is more humid and generally calmer winds, more tropical
– Has more storms from the Gulf of Mexico, can produce hurricanes
– Housing very affordable throughout the metro
– Better neighborhoods and schools in western and northern burbs
– Excellent entertainment and college and pro sports
– Population/culture is more diverse
– More national landmarks (Astrodome, NASA, San Jacinto, Galveston)
– Excellent healthcare (largest in the country)
– Excellent job and career opportunities
– Anna Nichole Smith is from here (ok, sorry)
– Howard Hughes was born and is buried here (true)

I had the opportunity to either live in Dallas or Houston. I chose Houston because it was a larger city, had a more diverse culture and it’s close to the beach. I like Dallas a lot, but I find Houston has more to offer. Plus, I hate snow and ice.

Hope this helps.

I chose Houston coming from NYC.
I prefer the attitudes here, much more inclusive than Dallas.
There are many great schools some public and many private. Your children’s ages would help answer this one.
Apartments are many &amp: inexpensive compared to cities of similar size.

I wish I could name a &quot:crime free&quot: place, I would move there in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any. Alot of neighborhoods are safer than others but I’m not sure that &quot:no crime&quot: exists.

Excuse me Jefe, Houston has the two time National Champion Dynamo along with our Rockets, Astros &amp: Texans. We have as many sports teams with better records!

try Sugar land Texas
it is right next door to Houston
very friendly place
big population, because of the new houses and property.
but you’ll get use to it.
Beautiful homes
Nice school district (fort bend) with dedicated educators
crime rate has been at a decent low, so no trouble
but I wouldn’t get to comfortable
Traffic is high only during the rush hours and it depends on what streets and roads you take. hwy 6 and 59 usually get really busy in the morning (6-9 a.m) and in the evening (5-7 p.m)
the community is very welcoming you will have very decent neighbors. Every one is very nice. Great jobs Downtown isn’t too far away you can take 59 straight to Downtown and the medical center
Basically Sugar land is your place to be and i’m sure you and your family will be happy here.

I live in the The Woodlands a suburb of NW Houston… Welcome to Texas first of all!!! (Whenever you get here) Also might i suggest the bumper sticker &quot:I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could&quot: That earns some respect with us Texans LOL, anyways i digress… I was born and raised in Houston, but it gets HOT, you will get hot in Dallas but at least a little better than Houston… If i was moving from out of state and just starting off knowing what i know, i’d go Dallas simply for the weather, again not much better but better, plus you’re more likely to get a little snow around Christmas than in Houston… both cities are world class… once again WELCOME

I love Houston. I love Spring and Humble also.

i would reccomend you live in Houston because trust me Dallas people are jerks! plus houston is a lot more fun there are a lot of fun things to do like go to Discovery Green park and we have one of the best school Rice University (my dad works there) and i love that school! anyways i havent seen a lot of crimes i would say there are less here then chicago lol (no offence) anyways its a nice place to chill relax go swimming go for a picnic and there are lot of places to excersize and just have fun

I would check out Austin too

big cities are big cities. but Houston is close to the ocean, and Dallas has more tornados and much dryer. i like wet.

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