Have you or anyone you know ever tried to follow all the rules and laws of the Bible?

I’m aware that there are several versions of the Bible. Have you, or anyone you know, ever chosen one of those versions and attempted to follow every single law, rule, and edict in it? I mean *every single one*. I cannot stress that enough. ALL of them.

I’m curious to know what the outcomes were if this was done, or if it was even attempted, what happened.

Read a book by A. J. Jacobs called &quot:The Year of Living Biblically&quot:. He tried to follow all the rules of the Bible (not necessarily all at once) over the course of one year. It was an interesting and at times funny read.

It would be hard, considering how often the bible contradicts itself.

tried – yes
succeeded – no

They would be in prison if they did.

I did it today.

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