has anyone else ever felt this way? Im sick of life!!?

is nothingnew under the sun!! No spice to life, no pizzaz! Nothing is new. its all the same trash everywhere you turn. All people are the same, but yet are so diffrent. Im jsut getting tired of life really.

This day to day stuff is really boring!!!! Mabey its just me im getting really sick of life! I mean, whoever is still up and takes time to read this, have you ever felt like this? Im getting sick of life! Im getting tired of waking up early and going to work so I can buy food to give me strength to get up tomorrow and do all the same crap again. Its all the same. Everywhere you turn its the same stuff!! People are alwasys arguing, and fighting. Everyone is always thinking about themselves. We are all trying to get ahead in life. Sex is always the motive. People get into a relationship just to turn around and break up a few months later. People always screw up, but then fix it. Everyone has a temper!! We all look at celebraties as gods sometimes! There is nothing new on tv. People

Yes, I have felt the same way, but then something or someone comes along and gives me hope and then at times I just have hope with no clue as to where it has come from. I can tell you there are some people left in this world that do care for other people with no ulterior motives, other than to help that person and to feel the joy that they were able to brighten someones day just a little. Yes,life can get repetitive and it is no fun doing the same old same old everyday.Do you have any hobbies or anything you like to do? Maybe you could try something new or learn something new? I do agree that everyone has a temper but there are some people who are slow to anger and have patience.I know sometimes when I am feeling like that I will go outside and listen to the birds or just watch the clouds, and try to find something pleasant to look at. I hope that you can find some hope and something nice that will help lift your spirits.

Sounds to me like you’re in a rut, or you don’t have any goals or purpose or you have some hassles in your life that you aren’t coping with too well right now.

If it’s a rut, find something new and interesting to do. Have a hard think about your interests and find groups/clubs with like-minded people.

If it’s goals or purpose, that takes a bit more work but start talking to people and reading – my personal preference is the bible.

If it’s people causing you grief, remember that no matter what they do, you are in charge of how much you let it affect your self-esteem and thinking about yourself. Also, the situation isn’t likely to last forever or if it won’t go away, you can reach a place where it no longer controls your decisions and feelings. Get some books to read about people in similar situations and talk to people you can trust to keep their mouths shut and trust to support you.

Whatever the situation, I’ve been there, done that and I sympathise – it’s part of being human that we can end up in that pit but remember, you can and will get out. 🙂

Sounds to me like you expect people to entertain you and your lifestyle.

You must contribute to your own spice to life. It does not just happen. If tv is boring, read a book: if you don’t have friends, make some: if your routine is the same, change it to spice up your life.

People get tired of life when they no longer feel needed, wanted, or useful. But, hey, how can anyone need you if you are so tired of life: how can anyone want you when you are too tired to be wanted: and how can anyone depend on you when you feel of no use.

Most renewals come in attitudes and the challenge to you would be: ok, so how would you create pizzaz for yourself? Its free, its at your pace, your time and your will.

Join the happy people who are just grateful that they can get up in the morning and have all their senses and a working body.

Your feelings are shared by many people. Especially the baby boomer generation. There’s been a real decline of America. It seems that very few individuals have values, morals, rules, or boundaries. But yes it can really be upsetting how life &amp: our environment too has deteriorated. I have noticed how lots of people don’t have pride in the neighborhood anymore. I believe alot has to do with lax enforcement, drugs, alcohol, etc. People think they can’t live without drugs &amp: alcohol. But they CAN! Dependency &amp: peer pressure are also problems. There seems to be a focus directed on the negative instead of the positive.

Personally I’ve never felt this way, but I know you’re definitely not alone in your thinking. Maybe what’s missing is some sort of purpose in life for you. Do you have a job you enjoy and find worthwhile? Do you have family and friends whom you love and care for? It sounds as though you have a bit of a pessimistic view on life. Now, I agree with you on some things such as ppl often thinking of themselves, and ppl looking up to celebrities too much, but I also see the good and positive in life. There are a lot of good things going on on our world (you might have to just seek them out a little :)Now, I don’t mean to sound like I always feel life is a garden party, but I do feel pretty good about my life. Maybe you need a change of pace? Good Luck…..:)

I can relate, you just have to do something to spice up your life, do something you wouldnt normally do, take a risk, make a fool of your self or travel somewhere close that is unfamiliar to you. And if you get too depressed about it all, just sleep for a few extra hours, thas what I do, then i wake up and feel better

This is sort of the reason why I refuse to be anything but different. When going to the store I often people watch and it seems like they’re all very similar..similar clothes, closed mindedness, mean people, hate. So I simply do the opposite =D Though life is frustrating all the time, there are people, such as you and I, who go by the beat of our very frustrated drums and intend to stay that way, so don’t be upset!

for me it is not the boring stuff that is a problem but the out of the ordinary, the wanting to curl up in a ball when I know I have to keep going for the sake of others.
some people do really care.
and some can not show it!
being objective can make one appear as uncaring!

dude we all get a little sick of life,

face it man there is no paradise life is hell
so many problems in this world 9/11
sucide bombers
just the gayest crap

if you get too sick of it dont take yourself out
try to deal with it i deal with my anger through rock,
rock is my anger killer when im mad at things just sit back turn up the rock and just sit.

i hope you dont take the easy way out,
take it easy man
take a vacation

all the time, its like the same s**t over and over again, theres nothing to do, yousee the same poeple everyday and wake up at the same time everyday. you just get tired of people in general after a while, well i feel you, your not the only one :]

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