Donald Trump called George Bush the worst president ever. Any thoughts on this?

he is so right.

Of course he is the worst president ever. I don’t think anyone would argue with that.

Bush should comeback with &quot:Donald Trump has the worst haircut ever&quot: in a press conference.

Bush v. Trump would be even better than Trump v. Rosie.

And Donald Trump has the worst comb over ever.

I agree with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump likes to stir up things just to get the attention. What he says about anyone, says more about him than them. However, having said that, I like Donald Trump. I have read all his books and he is a very successful businessman. I would like to have lunch with him someday.

Donald Trump knows an idiot when he see one! Bush is also the dumbest president ever as well!!

The Donald is definitely making a factual statement!!! He should have mentioned the no-minds that voted Bush back for a 2nd term or even voted to elect Bush in the first place!!

It’s exactly what most people who were polled have said and it’s what many many people have said time and time again. And I agree Bush is the worst president ever by far.

I agree with Mr Trump

Donald may know about business deals but that doesn’t make him an expert on running a country as important as our United States of America!

Who’s next? Donald just keeps spreading his opinion.

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