Does anyone else despise &quot:pimped out&quot: Dodge Neons?

I cannot stand to see a Dodge Neon with chrome wheels or spinners…or especially hydraulics. Anyone share my view???

Absolutely! Why do people soup up their &quot:family cars&quot: with all the bells and whistles? I cracked up when I saw a four door Honda Accord with all of that junk and even a sport exhaust, which would have fit a Corvette tons better….. Having tires &amp: wheels extend a good 5 inches beyond the body of the car is retarded too.

For me, I start out with a sports car to begin with, then soup it up. Not sure about the mentality of some people.

If I were to own a high performance neon, it would not have the retarded look of most of the whiny tuners, and would not eeevvvvvveeeerrrr!!!!! have what I refer to as a Folgers exhaust (I refer to them in that sense because of the size, which is indeed comparable to a Folgers coffee can). I would also make a point to switch from the standard 4 cylinder to, if at all possible a V8 so as to have a better sound. Also, I would have a two door model to preserve the look of a sports car, no matter how far from it the car is performance-wise.

to respond to both your question and fortunate’s, the Neon has basically ever comprise a 4 cylinder engine. I had an 05 SXT and bypass fairly sturdy milage commuting to artwork even with rushing a lot of how. making positive your automobile is suited tuned besides as perfect psi in the tires will bypass far in scaling down on gas utilization. For me, i imagine 3500 is slightly extreme on a 2003 SXT with what i anticipate has a rebuilt engine, even with the very undeniable actuality that you’re saying &quot:rebuilt identify&quot:…no matter if that is a rebuilt engine, i might want to definately furnish the $2500.

I don’t think it is limited to neons. I have seen my fair share of civics with the same crap. But I agree with you, it looks stupid. But people have been customizing cars for years now. Its just that now thats what they do.

I can’t bare to see a neon

i would blow em up if i didnt have to go to jail for it cuz this guy down my street has 3 of em its super retarded

what u sayn u hav 1 n givin it away or selln it?

There should be a law against it.

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