Do you HOPE 0bama continues to fail?

Yes his failure is our success, he is hell bent on destroying our country

How sad it is when people make an effort to see any elected official, especially the president, fail.We should all be doing what ever we can to see that America pulls itself out of the mess we have found ourselves in over the past three years. Liking or disliking an elected official has nothing to do with it: being an American has everything to do with it. We owe it to America to do what we can to help out and bad mouthing does no more than show ones ignorance and lack of patriotism: anyone can complain and criticize, we learned to do that as kids but got over it when we became adults!.

I do! I chortle in any respect you Bush hating enthusiasts. Even after 4 years of Obama’s incompetence you will nevertheless be blaming Obama’s mess united stateson Bush. you are the poster babies for the way liberal indoctrination works.

Yes, Obama failing means America is succeeding.

I know that there is Nothing I can do to stop the prophecy of the End of Days, but we may be able to slow it down a little while! So theshort answer is YES!

why would you hope he fails??? even if you did not vote for him or dont support him, he is the president so i would think as an AMERICAN you would want to see him succeed and make this country a better place.

If the President &quot:fails&quot:, our country fails.
Why does the right want America to fail? Have they invested in China?

His lies will grow into the cancer of his fall . I will not contribute any hope to it .

Yeah, sorry, because if he does, hopefully the American people won’t vote on a person based on everything besides their qualifications in the next election. Blind voters.

That’s pretty low.
No matter how much I disagreed with Bush or any other president I never wished failure on him. Perhaps those who wish him to fail need to live by the phrase that they invented….&quot:If you don’t like this country how it is then you can just leave&quot:.

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