Conservatives: why don’t you care that 50 million Americans die every year due to lack of Obamacare?!?!?

you’re willing to spend a gazillion dollars on an illegal unjust stupid evil bad war on terror, when we all know that terrorism doesn’t exist and 9/11 was an inside job by Bush so that we could steal all their oil, and every American that has ever gone to Iraq or Afghanistan is now dead…. but you don’t want to provide affordable healthcare, which won’t increase our debt, will actually save us money and will help save the planet, to save billions of American lives every year! i love obama… he’s dreamy!

[conservatives: now, my real question is… at what point did you realize the above was a joke? doesn’t it read like an actual liberal question? LOL]

Dude like 100 million Americans are dieing in the streets from curable diseases because of health care, global warming, guns, and full term pregnancies.

I must admit it does sound very much like a liberal posed question. I must admit that the question is so stupid and comprised of so many false statements that it’s a dead give away.

There is one thing guaranteed when you are born–you’re gonna die. Now the working man is just going to die broke, while the lowlifes of society prosper.

Where do you get you numbers? Now it is Obama care that is by Obama’s own words that 127 people are dying due to no health care. The bill was signed to day and it will take two years for it to start providing care,. who is killing who. Get off the koolaid

I saw this as a strawman question from a conservative troll after the first six words. You guys really should give up on your strawman liberal arguments. They are so unreal it makes you look pathetic.No conservative can even fathom how a liberal thinks.

All you did was take a number of liberal concerns and massively exaggerate all of them. Were you trying to make a point, cause all I saw was an idiot who can’t win a rational argument and therefore turns to mockery.

Those are some interesting numbers you just made up, yet no facts to back em up.

Gazillion? lol, My 3rd grade daughter uses that word.

You had me going on that one, that’s why I didn’t read the whole thing until after I posted.

Eric: PLEASE…get your facts and figures right. This kind of hyperbole does absolutely nothing to advance the cause…

[Okay, I finally re-read your question and see your note at the end. You got me—and I’m a liberal!!]

I got the joke when you said 50 million.
Yes it does sound like a typical liberal rant.

Now watch you get smear for it.

Yes, this post could be by any number of contributors to YA!

Sadly, rants are not uncommon from either side!

LOL, I SO THOUGHT THIS WAS FOR REAL! Because I honestly saw someone post this, but saying 25 million….even though it was 45,000 over the weekend!

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