car for a 16 yr old girlll ?

so my parents said they would buy me a nice car if i got good grades
and i did so im wondering what would be best to get
price isn’t a big issue so it doesn’t have to be cheap just not toooo expensive. i like convertibles i was thinking
mitsubishi eclipse spyder
volkswagen eos
what do you think would be the best
i want a hottt car and something fit for a girl any other ideas ?

Ford Mustang V6 or GT Convertible

1991 Lincoln Town Car

I’d go with the bmw convertible.
my sister had the volkswagen, and
it was in the repair shop more than
she got to drive it…it get’s good gas
mileage, but she didn’t have a good
experience with it at all. the mustangs
aren’t always the best (well built) cars

BMW Z4 convertible. The new body style is coming out later this year and it’s sick.

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