Birthday present for mom?

Ok so my mom is an extremely giving person and is never selfish. I want to get her something special for her 42nd birthday, on sunday but I will have to buy this tommorow. This gift will be from me my brothers and dad, so its gotta be good. and original. I have a little over $50. She likes her shihtzu dog, gardening, oprah, typical mom stuff. I dont want to get her jewelery but I cant think of anything else! Who can help me think of some great gift ideas, quick. THANK YOU!

What about a little statue for the garden. If you can find one, one of a little girl and boy or of 2 angels to represent your brother and yourself. You should have enough for something like that and if she’s anything like my Mum she won’t buy that for herself.

I know you said you don’t want to make her a card but you can make one that is more personalized. You take a picture you you and your brother while making the card if you have a digital camera or other camera have it developed or print it out. Glue the picture on the card add some stickers and other stuff to it like glitter and buttons. Your brother can help make the card by helping you or drawing on it.. Or Take a picture of and your brother that you might have around use that for the card or make a collage of pictures you have and present it to your mom. Or same idea as the collage buy a frame and put the collage in it from you and your brother. You can find a nice frame that you can afford. I made the above before and gave it as gifts to my parents and other family members. They all liked it and still hold on to it some are on display in their living rooms.

give her something moms like moms like every thing from their kids get her a neckles with a heart and won side of the heart ses daughter and the other mother that is a good gift OK try it

A subscription to Oprah’s magazine. You could make a card telling her to expect a magazine soon.

awww… thts really nice.. u could probably get her a perfume or home scents from body shop.. they are awesome.. or if ur artistic go to ‘Colour Me Mine’ and pick out sumthing she may like.. example: a cup or bowl.. and colour it and probably write her name on it or sumthing like,
Happy 42nd birthday mum!
With loads of love,

Just ideas!
Hope they help and best of luck gift shopping! =)

manicure, pedicure gift certificate
or gift certificate for massage
facial or something she would never get herself

let her have a day at the spa. pamper her get her hair, nails and feet and alittle shopping.

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