Atheists, if the christian god were real, would he be worth worship?

Pay attention to the answers christians, you may learn something.

No God that sends she bears to maul children for making bald jokes at an annoying and bald prophet (elisha who called down the curse upon them, which God promptly answered) deserves nothing but contempt. Thank you 2 Kings for making me an atheist…. okay, thanks for HELPING.

No God that thinks the punishment for critical thinking should be eternal torture deserves my adoration. No God that would send a child to Hell for ANY reason deserves even my fear. Like any mad, murderous dictator, if God existed he is no better than Satan and deserving of rebellion.

If only God were as truly good as some of the more loving and kind Christians thought he was. Then, and only then, might I even consider it, because there’re a lot of children’s wards in hospitals that need to be cleared out (in a good way) before I’ll think God as being all good. Spare me that &quot:his ways are not ours&quot: nonsense. If God can’t even stack up to our flawed morality then he is a bestial holdover of a sick racial subconscious.

Read the damned Bible, people. There is NO way the god of the Bible, the God of Abraham is ALL GOOD. And with Hell, he is even WORSE than the God of Abraham because at least bad tempered old Yahweh left you alone after you were dead. It took Jesus to bring in eternal torture. Shame on him, if he existed, and shame on the rest of you for perpetrating this vile fiction.

Human beings may be capable of serious villainy but it takes a Deity to magnify all that villainy into a perfect singularity of demonic sadism. Jesus said that he who commits adultery in their heart (read thinks about it) has done the deed. This is Orwellian Thought Crime! And we’re going to be roasted alive for eternity for merely THINKING wrong.

Don’t even get me started on the &quot:get out of hell FREE&quot: card. That’s insultingly childish. Like we need some guy to sacrifice himself for our sins, thereby absolving us of our responsibility. We are responsible for our OWN actions. Enough said.

Ahem… sorry… feeling a bit… heated lately. 🙁

&quot:Go suck some balls.&quot: Wow, so Christian-like.

Personally, I don’t think he would be worth worshiping. My heart would belong to Buddha.

No, nothing about the deity (somewhat) described in the Bible is worthy of consideration, much less worship.

If he wanted me to worship him 24-7. No I don’t think so.

Uh, no, he is vain and jealous and way too keen on smiting.

And he can’t do jack without a sacrifice first…
A deity that forgives people without the need to sacrifice any sons, but just with the power of love, now that would be nice.

Im not so sure he be worth worship, but I would definately thank him again for giving me my life 🙂 And no doubt curse him for when things go wrong

no , not if I have to take literally what is written in the bible!

I can not see how it is feasible , that all he wants is our believe in him and that would either give you heaven or suffering of immense proportions for all eternity!

I am better then that and have much ore to offer then just a believe in an entity !

Compared to the expansive unlimited idea I have of the Divine? Absolutely not.

The Tao is Eternal

It would be irrelevant if he were &quot:worth&quot: being worshiped.

The relevent point would be that he exists, insists upon being worshiped, and can make you pay dearly for refusing.

The idea of &quot:worship&quot: sounds horrible, no matter what god.

Maybe you should pay attention to this…Irregardless of your thoughts of God He still love you, God is worth the worhip he made you he created you he made you in his image he gave you a free will you chose to give the hand to him and the way your life is going is your fault jesus loves you my friend

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