are you for or against gay marriage?

I think it is very un-American to say gay marriage is wrong. I think that that makes you a control freak and how would you like if someone told you you cant marry your true love? It would be a Romeo and Juliet story. Or how about the planned marriages some children are born into? Don’t you think that is wrong and that that should be up to the person themselves? Or what about in the time period where 13 year old girls were sold to be married to 40 year old men? Shouldn’t they have been given the right to say no? How is gay marriage any different? If you say its not right or if its against God or its not natural I beg to differ. If you say its against God first of all not everyone believes in God. And secondly people don’t just become gay they are born gay. So if God creates you and you are created gay from the very beginning isn’t that God saying its ok because he was the one that let it happen??!!!?? And if you say its not natural lemme tell you this why would males have their &quot:g spot&quot: or access to their prostate in their anus unless your body was created to go either way?? why the hell else would that be there? I really hope people will grow up and stop being childish about this because isn’t someone else’s happiness more important that your opinion? And life is short alot shorter than some of you may realize and now a days theres so little happiness people experience so why would you want to deny some of the little bit of happiness someone might experience in their life time? What would you do if you weren’t allowed the happiness to marry someone you love????????

he attitude towards homosexuality has varied throughout the different times and between the diverse groups and cultural sub-groups, oscillating between the acceptance (in old Greece), the tolerance (in the Roman Empire) and the absolute sentence (in many western and Eastern societies). Nevertheless, great part of the lack of understanding and the existing prejudices against homosexuality comes from their classification like disease in century XIX. The German neuropsicГіlogo Richard von Krafft-Ebing considered one &quot: neuropГЎtica degeneration hereditaria&quot: that supposedly one worsened by an excessive masturbation. Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud postulated the existence of a constituent predisposition, although also she emphasized the determining effect of experiences during the childhood (like, for example, the lack of an ancestor of the same sex with which to be able to identify itself) and the frequency of masculine homosexual experiences during the adolescence, that considered like sexual deviation. The publication of two studies on the sexual behavior in men and women, that carried out the American biologist Alfred Charles Kinsey, refuted the hypothesis of the disease. Psychological tests realised to homosexuals and heterosexuals showed that it among them were no pathological aspects differentiators. Although some evidences exist – in studies of twin binoculars and that suggest them genes can be a factor in the sexual direction, other theories affirm that it is more probable that the determining factors are the experiences lived during the childhood. In 1973, the Psychiatric Association of the United States eliminated the homosexuality of its list of mental diseases and, in 1980, of the DSM, Manual of Classification of the Mental Diseases of the WHO.

Greetings from Argentina

Neither pro or againts, just comment on this case.

Why people keep focus on marriage it self anyway?

For &quot:pro&quot: : Why you insisting marriage anyway? If you love each other it is enough!

For &quot:againts&quot: : Why you insisting they can not marry anyway? Without marriage they still have relationship that can not be broken by you.

i’m for gay marriage,

i cant marry someone i love cos they’re married with 3 kids and my sci teacher.

I’m for gay marriage.

I am not for nor against. It is ones will and wish and it is their life. And hence, it is better not to worry too much on this subject/ topic.

Live and let Live is my motto

Equal rights for all

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