Am I committing treason against my people?

I asked this in both R/S and C/G and I thought it would be good to ask here as well

asked this in R/S and wanted a more secular opinion.

Let me explain. I am an Egyptian-American. I belong to the Coptic faith (a branch of Oriental Orthodox Christianity). I made a trip to the Middle East this spring. While there I met a sweet Azeri girl (family from Azerbaijan). She is a Muslim. Now the thing is, her people’s sworn enemy, the Armenians, also belong to a branch of my faith.

She has managed to convince me that I should not be on the side of the Armenians and should instead be on the side of Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan does happen to be Muslim (very very moderate though). So my question is this. Do I commit treason against my religion and my people (who have suffered some oppression in Egypt) by siding with Azerbaijan against Armenia when Armenia belongs to the same faith as my people, a faith I view as the correct faith?

Love never commits treason. Put none of what you mentioned before a decision that could make you happy for the rest of your life.

I don’t know enough about your faith to answer in any detail, but I think the answer to your question is that you can only commit intellectual treason against your people and religion if you violate its values. Just because you disagree with the prevailing view doesn’t mean you’re wrong. As an example, I know a woman who is a devout Christian fundamentalist, but she believes that a woman has a right to abortion. Even though most in her church disagree with her, she has faith in her knowledge and understanding of the Bible in this way. Just because you have a different opinion than most of the people who share your religion and ethnicity does not mean you’re wrong. In fact, many of the great people in the history of the world dared to go against the prevailing views. Your view may make you unpopular, but I doubt if they make you treasonous.

To hell with the &quot:faith.&quot: It isn’t as if anyone of any faith is in the right all the time. Go to the root of the conflict and pick a side or take the high road of reason and take neither side.

If two dogs are fighting in your front yard which one gets the water hose? I usually give them both a shot. Food for thought.

being nonreligious here, (and I’m not an atheist but I’m not trying to shove my religious views down other people’s throats. if they wan to know what I believe in I welcome them and I’m willing to learn other religious views even if I disagree with them) most religion tend to force someone to believe in their way by telling them that the other followers of a different faith to be the &quot:bad guy&quot:. this is the reason why they always fight each other and it can get way out of hand. there is no reason to fight like savages just because someone follows a different faith than you and I. one thing that All religions have in common is that there is a force of good vs evil, but they often accuse the different faith followers to be the &quot:evil&quot: one
I don’t want to fight with someone who is a different faith follower than me but is it a crime to disagree? can we just agree to disagree and not take it so personally? can we just unite as a people even though we have different concepts and different views on good vs evil?

Do you really want to hang with a chick who counts whole races of people as ‘sworn enemies?’

Religions are fantasies. A living, breathing woman you have a connection with is not. Do the math.

stick with your faith and tell her old religious grudges are for idiots. if she doesn’t agree, forget about her. the crabs are best in balmer, born there, but hate the city, too many people

Now think with your real head.
These are wars and prejudice based on religion…the crusades didn’t work out well either.

you’re a fool for supporting anyones violence and taking sides. but i suppose if it’s for a pretty girl you have to do what you have to do.

This why I am Atheist cause I would care less either way!

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