4 year old male not neutered puggle started peeing in the house?

He has been house trained since about 5 months. It started when we came back from a 5 day vacation. Now, sometimes when we leave the house he pees. He goes outside about 10 times a day. We think he is doing it because he is mad at us. He is the only dog and the cat lives outside.

Some one was here when 3 of us left today and he still peed. He also peed while we were watching a move. Our Dad is ready to neuter him, but I don’t think it will help. Why is he doing this and what can we do to stop him?

you definitely want to get him neutered. it will make a huge difference. its what male dogs do when they hit a certain age and are still intact.

when our miniature poodle gets mad at us she goes in the house also. But it could also be a bladder problem. My grandma’s pug was having bladder problems, so she took him in and it turned out he had kidney stones. They had to do an operation on him, and now he has a separate pee-pee hole. My grandma calls him a he-she now!

He is marking his territory. He is basically a teenager at this point. Your dad is right though, The neuter will make a world of difference. Imagine if you were incredibly aroused, and never had any outlet to rid yourself of your &quot:frustrations&quot:? Not only will the peeing stop, but he will become better behaved, More easily trainable, listen better, Less likely to try to run off. Overall, he will become an excellent pet. If you aren’t planning to mate him, Get him neutered, and save everyone a headache.

No, it sounds medical to me. While it could have been the stress of your vacation, it sounds more medical to me. Take him to the vet and rule out something medical then take potty training back to the beginning.

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