Will Romney’s foreign policy of American Exceptionalism lead to US involvement in further foreign wars ?

The weakest aspect of Obama’s foreign policy is the continued involvement in the War on Afghanistan. Romney accuses Obama of being weak in supporting American allies.He also wants to increase the Pentagon’s budget. Is there a danger of similar involvement in wars as was the case in the Bush Regime.

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Romney called ending the war in Iraq &quot:a tragic mistake&quot:. Romney has NO PLAN for Afghanistan, but opposes obama’s plan. Romney has repeatedly called for war with Iran, despite Russia, china, and now Hezbollah all firmly stating that if we preemptively attack Iran they will go to war with the US. We can’t afford WWIII…..neither financially nor in loss of thousands more lives.

All said and done USA is an exception . Romney has to say Obama is no good . How else will he seek your vote . US involvement in Afghanistan is gradually decreasing . France already said &quot:there are chemical weapons in Syria&quot: Syrian regime is cruel and fundamentalist . Entire world wants US intervention
But vote for OBAMA

I think that the Muslim community has extra of a manage over the US than any other workforce. It is taking the economic climate down. Depleting our reserve of squaddies. What has Israel executed to the US? Nothing? What has this war in Iraq precipitated the USA? A lot. I consider the finger pointing is within the unsuitable path. Isreal has certainly not achieved a terrorist assault on the US. The ones the president has now not stood as much as is the Islamic religon. How many men have to die to maintain them from killing each different?

If friend looks for trouble the Americans already must be fed up to live as dogs always with his useless wars cannot do another thing?.. in end affectionate regards

I do think Obama’s foreign policy is a joke, but I think we must stay in Afghanistan, and send some troops back to Iraq. We must also take action, in Syria, Lebanon, and especially in Iran. Also we must increase aid to Israel, and stop giving aid to all Arab nations. Obama is too soft on foreign policy.

But the important part is to destabilize Syria, then go into Iran and destabilize the govt their, install pro-west, pro-free market, and make Iran a representative democracy.

Yes. Romney has that typical knee jerk reaction, that Republicans get (McCain never met a war he didn’t like). Romney doesn’t have what it takes, and our allies saw that on Mitt’s tour of Europe. They would prefer that Obama be re-elected. Me too.

He doesn’t know the when US destroy the democracy of Iran in 1953 and put the Shah to dictate Iran.

You know the rest of history.

Also, he mock the UK and he is a Zionist. He supports Israel but not the Palestine.

From the time FDR took office in 1933 to the time Carter left office in 1980, Democrats had a majority in both houses of Congress almost the entire time. During the Vietnam War, Democrats had a fillibuster proof supermajority in the Senate. During this time, the military industrial complex experienced huge growth.

Why does the military industrial complex have stronger ties to the Democratic Party? Why are we almost always at war while we have a Democrat president? What president warned us about the military industrial complex? And what does this tell us about what’s going on today between our government and the military industrial complex?

In the world we live in today there is always a danger of war. It is just a fact of life. Romney does not want war. But he wants to be ready.


Mittens will start wars in Iran and Syria.

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