Why is Gay Marrige against the law?

So in history John Locke stated that you have rights and can use those or do those just as long as they do not harm another. So if this is true and they did teach this in history then why is Gay Marrige against the law? I mean really last time i checked Bisexuals, Gays, and Lesbians did not harm anyone. So can anyone tell me why this is against the law?

Its illegal because the american government was based on christian values, and the fact that our pres. is a republican and conservative. So basically, its because americans are stupid. And the few crazy ppl that said &quot:if we let men marry men, soon they will want to marry animals&quot: i swear someone actually said that to me one day. lol

I think the more appropriate question is &quot:Why is the law against gay marriage?&quot: Because the law is only as good and effective as those who wield it. If we wrote a bunch of &quot:perfect&quot: laws, but no one bothered to enforce or follow it, what good is it, despite its &quot:perfection&quot:?
The exciting thing about law (for me anyway) is that it can be interpreted and twisted any which way to suit your arguement. Isn’t that the whole point of any courtroom drama, there’s one side and the opposite side, and both lawyers are swearing on the foundations of their arguements, not realizing that they have taken the same law and interpreted it differently,
That’s why its as much persuasion as it is intellect.
The law is against gay marriage because the current gatekeepers are Christian, homophobic, ill-mannered, and quite frankly, not very bright (And I should know, I’m a member of Mensa), and they projected what they have been indoctrinated with or what they PRIVATELY/RELIGIOUSLY believe in to the public sphere. Quite frankly, it has no place in the public fora. If you want to practice your own religion, no one’s stopping you, but that doesn’t give you the right to say &quot:Youre wrong&quot: because it says so in the RELIGIOUS BOOK of your FAITH. The point is, no one has the right to dictate to everyone what to think, say or do, because you have a particular bent in your religion.
Look at all the arguements of the homophobes, they’re rooted in religion, and not science, or fact, or the public interest at heart.
Thankfully, America has a chance to redeem itself in front of the world when election comes around. We will all be watching.

have not heard everyone say somebody grew to become right into a ‘undesirable guy or woman’ for no longer approving of gay marriage however the guy does prefer some valid motives. sturdy factors. Like abortion… Oh she’ll in no way have the potential to develop the newborn, save it from suffering as against this could be a human existence! each guy or woman merits a shot at existence! So what’s gay marriage’s tale? Human rights as against…. ? faith…? —– of direction individuals are going to be shielding approximately this. Gays have been unaccepted for the longest time and nevertheless are in lots of places. constantly dealing with discrimination or perhaps self hatred for some. they’re battling difficult to get what they have constantly dreamed of. actual love and a chuffed ending.

It’s because the majority of the Western world seems to think that ‘marriage’ is a concept invented by Christians and as such they get to define the rules.

Obviously this isn’t the case as marriage has been going on a lot longer than any specifc religion that practices it and that’s the other thing: it’s practiced by other religions, so why do Christian churches get to say that the word ‘marriage’ cannot be used?

Because you are gay for even posting a question like this.Do you relize that in many countries around the world being openly gay is grounds for punishment including imprisonment. In many states in the US gay sex is still illegal but overlooked.You should be happy with the freedoms this country offers and stop bitching about things that are in all due respect &quot:PETTY&quot:

its not AGAINST the law, any gay couple can get &quot: married&quot: its just not recognized by law as such as a marriage, which is between a man and a woman.

I’m assuming you’re a citizen of Jesusland, .. er… the United States (as am I).

Gay marriages are not recognized because they so obviously illegitimize those of heterosexuals.

Only because people can’t stand that others are different.
Religious idiocy doesn’t help matters either.

Because the society is racist !

Because God doesn’t like it. Stop doing life wrong. Obey God. Amen.

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