Why does anyone believe Ron Paul will win the general election?

From what I can tell, his ideas embrace anarchy and the thought that government of any kind is bad.

Since that concept is completely unConstitutional, and some of us out here still do honor the Constitution… what makes anyone think he has a snowball’s chance of getting elected President of this country?

I believe we refer to that as wish full thinking. He can not even hold his own in the Republican party, no chance in the general election as you already pointed out.

Edit: Pardon me, I think you got the wrong guy. I don’t cut and paste and all the ideas of libsticker are self inflicted.

Thank you for clearing that up. If I am going to get a thumbs down damn it, I want it for what I think not someone else… lol

Do you really think it matters, we will get screwed no matter who gets in office.

As Obama said HOPE!

Eventually they will have move on to another candidate.

well there’s always hope.
Jimmy Tide ’08

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