Why do so many English & Irish move to Australia?

Ok, we generally don’t mind you lot &amp: yes we helped to a large extent to save you from Hitler, well before the Americans set foot in Europe or Africa in WWII and what was our repayment? Not that you would i good time return our Troops to defend their homeland against the Japanese, but rather you swarm our beaches and hotels like ‘blow-ins’ from some strange, distant, cold, pale skinned place!

Why do you come in such large numbers and lengthen the ques at the bars waiting for a drink? Ok some of your women can compete with ours, but really England isn’t known for producing too many Miss Universe winners are they!

Funnily enough the Irish &amp: Scottish we don’t mind, they can at least keep up and most often always return home – broke hahaha…..So why must you all come? Is it that bad in England? Are you lot all ‘Bondi dreaming’?

FINALLY, WHY DO THE ENGLISH USE THE WORD ‘MATE’? Thats globally known as an Aussie term….

I don’t know what to say Bruce, you’ve stumped me on this one. Perhaps it’s because Australia’s a long way away from England. Maybe we’re just too lazy to learn a foreign language, or perhaps we think it’s where Fosters Lager comes from.
I’ve never been to Australia but I’d like to go there, just for a short while mind. I’d like to go to Alice Springs just to see if it’s really as good as Peter Finch said it was. I’ve met lots of Australians in Earls Court and they seem OK to me.
Thanks for the help you gave in WWII, but you really did us an even bigger favour at Gallipoli in WWI and we all owe you a few beers for that.

Firstly I’m really surprised your showing such a racist argument on the internet for millions to view. It seems like you just want a reaction of people, rather than the answer to a question.

A lot of people move there because they can make more money with their trade, carpenters, heating engineers, plumbers, builder etc.

My grandparents took my mum and my aunty to Australia in the 70s because the mining strikes in Britain were beginning to affect my granddads income and he thought he’d make more money and therefore have a more stable life for his family is he came to work in Australia. Yet from every story I’ve been told the Australians were ******* horrible to them all, they were bullied at school and my granddad was exculded from any form of a social life over there.

So perhaps if this is how you automatically treat English people in Australia they treat you just the same back. Perhaps that is why you never get on with them.

As for the war etc I know little about it apart from the German side, and I’m not swooping round wikiepidia to try and give an informed answer so sorry about that.

sure there is great quantities over right here. In Perth you pay attention English accents the place ever you pass. Perth is gorgeous yet so remoted from something of the rustic. that’s great and nicely unfolded. i think of you may like it . Perths wealth has lots to do with the mining industry. Perth is sparkling and the climate is great. Melbourne is robust for the business enterprise couple somewhat extra of a rat race for the youngsters. Brisbane is comparable in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it has astounding places interior reach . The GoldCoast is a million hour down the highway and the mild coast is north . you have got extra threat in Brisbane. are you able to get a flight to your pass to with a stopover in Perth then fly out of Brisbane. hire a motor vehicle in Brisbane and make a journey to The goldcoast

Actually there is about a 90% chance your relatives are irish because before the English punished us by sending us to Australia. Only the natives lived there.

Because it doesn’t rain so much here, nor is it bloody freezing the majority of the time…mate! : ) but that’s my assumption, since i was born in good old Australia. The English &amp: Irish aren’t that bad, surely? what ever happened to giving people a &quot:fair go&quot:?

Mate is very much a Irish term, but you obviously know nothing about your heritage, and who made your country.. If it was not for us brits, you would still have spear chucking ape men chasing kangaroos naked….You are white ain’t you?

Wow, I’m Australian and I’M seriously offended by your question. Where did your great-great grandparents come from?

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