What do you think will happen on 12-12-12 aka december 12,2012?

okay.. so as you all probably know, the earth is supposed to end in 2012 on december 12th. but what is your personal position on the topic? just explain your thoughts 🙂 and maybe get me to believe in 2012?

What you need is our handy 15-part translation guide for interpreting what the crackpots say about 2012. Print it out and keep it handy when visiting woo-woo websites or watching the History Channel.

1) Statement: &quot:Scientists say…&quot:
Translation: &quot:No scientists say. We’ve made it up, which is why we don’t specify which scientists.&quot:

2) St: &quot:NASA has confirmed…&quot:
Tr: &quot:NASA has not confirmed…&quot: See 1) above.

3) St: &quot:Planet X/Nibiru is only visible from the South Pole.&quot:
Tr: &quot:We assume you’re too stupid to realise that anything visible from the South Pole is also visible from Australia, South America, Southern Africa…&quot:

4) St: &quot:Planet X/Nibiru was discovered by the IRAS satellite in 1983.&quot:
Tr: &quot:The object seen by IRAS was eventually confirmed to be a distant galaxy, but we’ve ignored all later reports because they disprove our claim.&quot:

5) St: &quot:There will be a rare alignment between the Sun and the galaxy.&quot:
Tr: &quot:There will be no alignment between the Sun and the galaxy which doesn’t take place every single year.&quot:

6) St: &quot:There is a blank area on Google Sky which hides Planet X/Nibiru.&quot:
Tr: &quot:If you look at this area of the sky with your own eyes, you will see no sign of this object, but we don’t like to mention that.&quot:

7) St: &quot:Many ancient predictions point to this date.&quot:
Tr: &quot: No ancient predictions point to this date. They’ve all been made up in the last few years.&quot:

8) St: &quot:The Earth’s poles will reverse in 2012.&quot:
Tr: &quot:We don’t really understand the difference between rotational poles and magnetic poles. If we’d studied geophysics we’d realise that a magnetic pole shift takes thousands of years and a rotational pole shift is a physical impossibility.&quot:

9) St: &quot:The Earth will be destroyed by a solar flare.&quot:
Tr: &quot:We haven’t studied solar physics either. If we had, we’d understand that solar flares are no threat to life on Earth.&quot:

10) St: &quot:The planets will align.&quot:
Tr: &quot:We hope no-one will try running some software which simulates the positions of the planets because they’ll find out we’re lying again.&quot:

11) St: &quot:Join our forum and share information about 2012. Anyone posting debunking messages will be banned.&quot:
Tr: &quot:We don’t want anyone spoiling our world of delusion and fantasy with real scientific facts.&quot:

12) St: &quot:The surface of the Sun will be disrupted by a ‘barycentric sleeve’.&quot:
Tr: &quot:We’d like to blind you with science, but we don’t know anything about it so we’ll just invent some meaningless claptrap in the hope you’ll fall for it.&quot:

13) St: &quot:No-one knows what will happen in 2012.&quot:
Tr: &quot:We do know what will happen in 2012 – absolutely nothing.&quot:

14) St: &quot:Earthquakes, tsunamis, fire, flood, millions will die….&quot:
Tr: &quot:We like to appear knowledgeable and important and we don’t particularly care if we terrify kids and cause people to commit suicide.&quot:

15) St: Support our advertisers and buy our books/videos/survival kits..&quot:
Tr: &quot:We know our predictions are garbage, but we’d like to rake in as much of your cash as we can in order to fund our comfortable retirement in 2013.&quot:

All the above statements have been lifted from genuine crackpot websites.

What happened on June 6, 2006 (a.k.a. 6/6/6)?
What happened on July 7, 2007 (7/7/7)
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September 9, 2009?

The Big 2012 Hoax, though, deals with December 21, 2012 (not December 12). It is still fake, but it is a different date and the hoax plays on a different feature of a different calendar (an old day-count calendar passes a round figure on that day, same as it does every 394 years and a quarter).

You are sadly mistaken by friend. The date according to the Mayan calendar it is December 21, 2012.
As for 12/12/12, im gonna bet some lucky kid with be born at 12:12 on 12/12/12.

The reason why that rumor is going around is because the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. But how could they know? They cant, the calendar has to end somewhere. They ran out of space, thats all. So, no.

It’s December 21, 2012.

Not December 12. And here’s an article i JUST READ before seeing this question. lol. coincidence


I totally agree with Timothy s. The mayans simply ran outa space. There’s only so much of a calendar you can write ya know??

Everything will be fine. The worlds not going to end

I think december 13 will happen and we’ll be all happy b/c it’s near the holidays. :). My reason is: The Mayans weren’t around for too long, so the guy who wrote the calender could’ve given up or passed away.

I’ll probably go Christmas shopping and mocking the idea of buying trinkets for my family in the name of Jesus. What the hell do they have to do with each other, anyway?

thats bull. the mayan calender doesnt END, it just resets itself kind of. and no, no planet is gonna crash into the earth.

You also notice all the twos and ones, ironic much?


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