On a scale of 1 to Einstein how brilliant is my idea?

my idea is to destroy facebook forever.

Yes, some people would deem Facebook as useless and just full of teenagers begging for likes, but it’s actually quite useful for people who don’t have credit/contract on their phone and need to get in contact with someone, and it’s very good for advertising your own business.

1 to Einstein xD

I provide it an 8 – that’s an fairly stable debut album for Brian’s solo occupation. i’ve got not got Taking Tiger Mountain so i won’t be able to answer that area. i in my view like yet another eco-friendly international and music For action pictures. i admire his Ambient era.

Facebook now a days has become an attention gaining centre ! but you can choose to be with modesty also . So your idea is about 45 .It will relieve some people from seeing crappy show off photos from certain married couple and their stupid show off status messages ….

Einstein +, Yippee for you 🙂

goes beyond Einstein

i was going to say very but then seen Tina’s answer.
We can’t deprive her of Song Pop. That would be cruel 🙂

Einstein salutes you.

as bright as the flourescent lamp.

NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! you can’t, i’m addicted to Song Pop

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