I see dead people: Have you ever had a deceased loved one visit you in your dreams?

Was it pleasant? scary?

yes,often, it’s not scary at all.I look forward to seeing my loved ones in my dreams.

I am really sorry to hear about the loss you have experienced. death is always hard to except friend or family. I have had dreams of the ones who has passed away, and I was told it means they are watching over you. I really can’t say a church or a religion can say to much about what your going through, except to give the encouragement you need. You say your not religious, that’s ok too, but you can talk with God and He can help you understand, He can comfort you as well.. You never seen the baby at all..that is strange, maybe when you talk with God humble yourself like a baby does..Have no idea..Other than God can and will give you comfort of knowing. Blessings.

Hi ! dr !

Yes, I have an experience to see dead people. It is really scary. but some people said that this is something you should understand .. because, some of them needs help..or saying goodbye. They can’t talk but they do appear in dreams just to give message and let you know what they think of.

I see dead people all the time. If a night goes by when I do not dream about someone who has died, it’s a weird night. It’s comforting to have people I haven’t seen in a while come visit me in my sleep.

Better your deceased loved ones haunting your dreams than Aunt Martha coming for a long visit… complete with little rat dogs and a full box of depends… offering to fix you up with the NICE young man in her church choir!

Mike has come to me several times. He even took me to ground zero and introduced me to men that died with him. They were all sitting on bleachers at the end of a black tunnel… a little strange.

He has come to me several times. I look forward to seeing him when I dream and always wake up happier knowing he took the time check in on me.

He also makes himself known sometimes by playing a few special songs on the radio at very specific times. It can be any station as I channel hop.. but I will know its from h im if I look down and see the time on the clock… also very comforting.

yes, My dad. I pray all the time to have dreams about him. Sometimes they’re amazing, and sometimes he’s dying all over again. My worst one I had was me being a little girl and him taking me for a ‘ride’, when he was really making a drug deal- no kidding=( Thoise things did happen, not that often, but it did happen, and those are memories that I would love to be erased from my mind.

I haven’t, but my middle daughter has seen her grandpa (my dad) and her best friend from when she was a little kid- the little girl drowned in a creek. She said it wasn’t scary. My mom also has seen someone, but that was when she was young and she’s almost 90 now!

Yes and itВґs pleasant and scary at the same time……

Yes, they always visit me in my dreams and it’s almost always pleasant.

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