Christmas gift for the entire family?

Something that isn’t cheap, isn’t too expensive (in the $100-400 range), and would be nice for the whole family? I was thinking of the Logitech Revue (Google TV), but after some extra research it seems really overpriced for the few extra features it gets you. Any ideas?

what about the WII fit? not sure if u have it yet or not but i hear its tons of fun the wii in general for the entire family they have games for dad like bowling and darts things for mom like yogathings for little ones like mario older kids like the music games soo many things u can do together like baseballe football the music games are a blast to watch too! maybe thats a good idea

What about one of those record player/cd/mp3/radio/cassette/recorder machines? My kids love to listen to my old records, and the whole family enjoys using the player. We can listen to music, audio books, etc.

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