Evolution gave Stalin an excuse to be evil….?

Russian history has been an interest of mine since I was about 13 years old. I have always been fascinated things like Stalin, Chernobyl, the Afghan War, the Gulags, all of it. I love Russian history. To this day I am still amazed when I hear people claim that Stalin used Evolution as an excuse to commit the evils that he did. They even go so far as to claim that evolution is what made Stalin an atheist. Let me give you a few quotes that might change your mind.

Darwinism is the whore of capitalism.
Joseph Stalin, 1944 Moscow, WWII

anti-religious waste paper.
Joseph Stalin, responding to one of his colleagues giving him a book on atheism

But people who forgot GOD, with darkness in their hearts, instead of wine served poison to him in the cup. And told to him: Damn you! Drink this cup to the bottom!… And your song is alien for us, and we don’t need your truth!
Joseph Stalin, Poem

Now, if you can find a Stalin quote that contradicts my opinions on Stalin, I would much appreciate it, because I have yet to find any quotes suggesting that evolution or atheism played any role in his evil acts.

Both Stalin and Hitler were influenced by a popular movement at the time called Eugenics… it was simply the strong should survive, and some times that meant killing the &quot:weak&quot: in order that the strong would survive.

Evolution didn’t influence Stalin. Communism did, to some extent, but not really.

What really motivated Stalin was paranoia, power, and racism. He was a Georgian, and they had problems with other Eastern Europeans and Russians for a long time. When he came to power, he came to power as a Georgian, and he planned on exacting revenge against those groups that he believed wronged his people.

Of course, he lost track of that at some point and just started killing people in order to &quot:protect&quot: himself.

You probably heard this from a creationist or evangelical source. They do this all the time. &quot:Evolution led Hitler to the Holocaust,&quot: or &quot:Mao was an atheist.&quot: Of course, these people are quick to point out the atheism of these evil people, but they’ll ignore the evil characters who were directly influenced by their religion (Pope Innocent, Pope Pius, Hitler, Luther, etc.).

Atheism did not reason the purges, yet when Stalin were afraid of hell he ought to have held again. you’re suitable on about Darwinism. If any technological awareness has an ideological interpretation that’s inevitably suspect. No idea lends itself to bourgeois ideology extra without complications than Darwnism. that’s, the burgeoisie says, &quot:life is a conflict for life the position the tunas are eaten by using the sharks. We rule because we are biologically more suitable to the human beings we rule.&quot: some version of this has continually been used to justify the guideline of the ruling type, yet actual with Darwin change into it given the cache of technological awareness. BTW, without the purges the 5-three hundred and sixty 5 days plans ought to have failed and Stalin ought to were usurped. Now, Stalin serves as a one note repudiation of Communism. that’s rediculous. that’s ideology. do not fall for it.

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