True of False: If Colin Kaepernick was even a serviceable NFL QB, teams would not give a damn if he kneels during the national anthem?

Kapernick is useless as a quarterback. He couldn’t make an Arena football team because he can’t throw the football.

Mostly true.

shut up racist


This guy is worse than your 70 year old uncle who just won’t stfu

I don’t get Colin Kaepernick’s quality level of play. He learned his bad antics from Jim Harbaugh.

Too bad he didn’t just punch out his old lady instead of not stand for the national anthem. He’d have been signed by now.

False, he’s not a starter but he cold be a back up. No one wants the BS that goes along with him dragged into their locker room for a backup.

I really don’t understand how people can pull up his stat line from last year and argue that he isn’t a serviceable QB.

He’s just not a good quarterback.

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