Why son’t more black people vote republican?

Most black people are socially conservative, they are against gay marriage, for the death penalty, pro-life and are for equal opportunity. Yet black people continue to vote for democrats Democrats were against civil rights legislation, pro slavery. The democrat party as a whole is now for gay marriage, pro-choice, anti-death penalty, and for special rights. Special rights including hate crime legislation (trying to get into a persons mind that committed the crime which is impossible to do) affirmative action (basically a white liberal ploy designed to make up for a white liberals guilt by telling minorities that they are too stupid to do it on their own) So why don’t more black people vote republican?

I think it becomes less about issues and more about who is going to support them, their family and programs that aid their issues. Traditionally, this would NOT be republicans. Think about where the typical African American (who has slave ancestry) has come from…many have already benefited (or their ancestors have) from community programs or organizations supported by Democrats. Do you think the underground railroad was organized by a bunch of self-serving, capitalist Republicans? I think it’s their way of giving back and protecting their future!!

****I honestly don’t think that Democrats want to create a dependency on the government for minorities…that would be rediculous and no one would go for it/vote for it. I think you are trying to simplify things here…I mean, how do you suggest we do things? Even with affirmative action, why is it that there is a glass ceiling where white male protestants hold all the upper administrative jobs? If &quot:they can do it on their own&quot:, why hasn’t affirmative action changed that?
It seems you are just trying to simplify everything which is what is REALLY impossible to do. But what really gets me is that you think poor minorities can do things &quot:on their own&quot: with no assistance. Have you lived in the projects in Chicago? Did you go to an inner city school where you had to share books and the drop out rate was over 50%? Did your teachers expect you to go to college or did they encourage you to learn how to change oil? Were your utilities being shut off constantly – your appliances never repaired? When you were growing up, did you have to worry about how you were going to eat during the last week of the month? Was the highest paid person in your family a drug dealer? THINK ABOUT IT! The person who succeeds who has come from a life filled with such obstacles is the little fish in a big pond. It’s RARE that they can succeed without some dependence on student grants, good mentors or teachers who gave a damn or the fact that their parents were in public housing rather than paying 80% of their income toward rent.

Do you even know anything about history? Guess not – since you don’t even have enough information about the present.

Go volunteer your time to help some inner city kids and then get back to me about how their future could be bright if only they really wanted it to be.

Their family and friends wont let them..they would be ostracized out of their homes

the money, democrats give it away, like socialism, republicans give it away but want you to work for it, simple

The Republicans only care about old, white, rich people. Thats why!

What kind of word is &quot:son’t&quot: ?

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