Gay men and penis size?

Is it true that a gay man has a bigger penis than any other men? What do you think?

from my vast research, i’ve found that some gay men have penises that are big and some have penises (penii?) that are average and some have tiny ones…

just like every other group of men do.

I will agree, we do seem to be well above average. Unfortunately, I have found some that are not above average, under average…and, like straight men, seem to measure their lenght and girth by some unknow mathmatics….When 8&quot: on the internet becomes 4&quot: in reality, I think that some people should have paid more attention in math class. At times, I wonder where these people measure from????? But overall, I find that gay men to be hung…very often hung huge…nice, isn’t it? Of course, there will be those who say it is a &quot:choice,&quot: not genetic….

I don’t know if it’s true or not… all I know is that the buff, pretty, hot, gay male waiters at just about every gay bar I have ever been to just HAPPENS to have a huge one!!! Or maybe it just seems that way bc they are so proud of them that they wear those tight jeans with no undies to make more tips from the customers! And the straight girls are always PISSED! LOL

The size of one’s penis is not determined by sexuality but by their genes. the term gene is often used to refer to an inheritable trait which is usually accompanied by a phenotype as in (&quot:tall genes&quot: or &quot:bad genes&quot:) — the proper scientific term for this is allele. The penis question is simply an allele

Hey it’s funny you say that.
I know penis size is not an issue when cone is gay.
However the gay guys I know have lovely big cocks and I think…what a waste….sigh.

according to some studies and information posted in wikipedia, Gay men, on average, have larger penises than straight men. Although wikipedia can be edited by anyone, so trust it if you wish…

I don’t know, I never had a chance to check out many gay mens’ penisis, or never got a chance to ask.
But my b/f is straight and he is bigger than average.

Penis size has nothing to do with sexual orientation, race, age or anything else…and you can also forget fingers, nose, toes, thumb, ears, etc. too…it is the size it is…

I’ve met men with all different sizes of penises, and they were all gay, so no.

there have been studies that have found, on average, gay men have bigger penises than straight men

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