China,North Korea vs South Korea,Japan and Taiwan conventional war no allies?

I know its immature and not possible but i really wanna know who wins.No nuclear weapons and no allies for both sides.

Actually I think Japan, Taiwan and South Korea would have the upper hand.

Japan actually has a much more advanced military than China, and it is surprisingly one of the most powerful military forces in the world. China’s army is huge but it poorly equiped and really only designed to keep its one thousand million people under control.

Iraq under Saddam Hussein also had one of the largest armies in the world, but it was fairly easily crushed by a small American force armed with high-tech equipment. So I think China would be hard pressed to fend off the combined armies of Japan and Taiwan.

China/North Korea.

Japan is constrained by her constitution which limits her armed forces thus rendering her ineffective for an invasion. Possibly she could defend herself long enough to amass enough fire power but then by that time China/North Korea would have swept across South Korea and Taiwan leaving Japan to stand alone. Although Japan could create a size-able Navy and to the best of my knowledge, China or North Korea do not possess powerful fleets so Japan could have an advantage here. Maybe she got liberate Taiwan and South Korea with her navy and go on to win the war. I imagine a fully equipped Japan and South Korea could quite probably defeat China and North Korea wouldn’t be a problem.

India has nukes by ability of ways. they have the worlds 4th best military. they’re ok experienced, diciplined and stimulated. I experienced in india for a month with them. I additionally did a twelve months interior the grimy South Korea. extensive military with much extra dicipline. Dont ignore that China aint precisely NKs bff anymore.

China &amp: N Korea purely on the grounds that the Chinese military is so much larger than any of the rest

China and N Korea on the basis that the other three don’t have forces remotely close to them. All three of those countries have defenses based upon US support.

Probably China because of their human wave attacks. Commie countries ironically don’t really give that much of a crap about their citizens and sacrifice them in the hordes just to achieve victory. Just look at what the USSR did in WW2, shot their own men when they retreated.

China, hands down.

No. Just no.

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