Why did the Iran-Iraq War happen?

When Khomeni and Saddam Hussein both disliked America?

As shocking as this may be, there are actually some things that happen in the world that have nothing to do with the United States. Hussein wanted to expand Iraq’s territory, and Khomeni didn’t like the idea.

Ostensibly it was a border disupte, although the real reason for Iraq’s invasion was to preempt the growing power of (pro-Iranian) Shia insurgents. In this sense, it was the continuation of a conflict that had begun hundreds of years earlier.

so the usa could make money basically,

the usa trained sadam and gave him weapons as they feared khomeni more (and sadam looked more like magnum p.i.)

when sadam learnt that the usa was selling weapons for oil to iran also (iran contras deal) he lost his passion for using usa supplied chemical weapons on kurds and the war was over soon after,

since both iran and iraq dont trust the usa, and now nmost of the world since the usas last two illegal wars – its sad the greed will bring down the usa

Ah, the good old days!

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